16,000 Western New York State Middle School students at a "Red RibbonRally" Drug Awareness event where Musial produced 3 songs on stage
Manny and Joy "MJ" Medina from Hoboken, NJ, (recoerded in Jersey City) were 14 and 12 when they sang at the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena.

Professor Musial produced many Smart Trax Live shows for D.A.R.E. America in DISNEY and MORE!
Dare DisneyDare Disney 2
Smart Trax Stars Brady, Delino Johnson, Prof. Musial, Joy and Manny Medina chill after giving 3 awesome Smart Trax Live Shows
See the story by Dan Drabik here •••
(Dan is now an assistant to Producers at ABC TV National)

Smart Trax College Age Performers are the stars at the U.S. Young Marines National Convention representers teachers foir 8 to 18 tear old students.
Prof. Musial produced the music, music videos and the stage show. All members received gold awards and cash payments as professionals.
Full story here, by Daniel Drabik who now is an assistant to producers for ABC TV National

Mayor Healy of Jersey City, experiences a Smart Trax Live show starring Christina Kapushy and Brady Cudmore at Middle School 4

Stevens' student performer Ben Clifford, Dr. Charles Epps-Superintendent of Jersey City Schools, Dr. Peter Donelley-Jersey City Schools Board Member
Mr. Perry Cecchini-Dickenson High Scool Admistrator, Smart Trax Star Brady Cudmore at Middle School 4 after Smart Trax Show.
Prof. David Musial trained, recorded and managed the popular New Jersey brother and sister act MJ Medina from the ages of 6/8 to 18/20

Starring Brady Cudmore with students from many Jsersey City Schools. Inspired by the Jersey Journal. Produced by Prof. Musial.
See the video and read the stort here. Not for sale

U.S. Marshalls with Brady after a "Be G.R.E.A.T!' show at Middle School 4

Prof. Musial Teaches a course and performs with Pamela Ross

Professor Musial trained a group of amazing Hoboken & Jersey City High School students, to give a free Smart Trax Live concert for children at Camp Haze
Full story by high school student Daniel Drabik is here.


This distinguished lifetime acheivement award was presented to Prof. David Musial after 6 of his songs were performed at the 25th anniverary convention
for the Red Ribbon Rally, representing 25,000,000 Middle School Students in America. The event was sponsored by the United States Department of Justice at the national headquarters for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Testimonials on camera, by leading executives stated it was the best show ever. Full site here.

(L-R) Brady Cudmore, Londell Wilson,
Mrs. Joyce Nalepka-Director "Drug Free Youth" & National Federation of Parents,
Mrs. Peggy Sapp - President, National Family Partnership
Joy Medina, Manny Medina
The song 'We, Are, Drug, Free" was composed for the Red Ribbon Ralley in Buffalo NY for 16,000 students at bthe Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena
This is the reason Smart Trax was the entertainment for the 25th Anniversary of the Red Ribbon Ralley in Washington

Manny Medina, Prof. David Musial-Founder, Joy Medina the "Founding team of Smart Trax" 10th Anniversary with
Londell Wilson & Brady Cudmore (Generation III of Smart Trax)

Prof. Musial producing a Smart Trax Live show at the Liberty Science Center starring MJ Medina
with Danilo Sobers and a team of High School students from Hoboken and Jersey City, 2003.

Christina Kapushy and Brady Cudmore gave a Smart Trax show at the Academy School in Jerrsey City
More "Smart Trax Live" events produced by Prof. Musial at Jersey City Middle Schools #4 & #7

Brady and Christina Kapushy with Jersey City Executives and Dr. Peter Donnelley-Jersey City Bopard of Education

Brady taught Middle School 7 students to perform Musial's song
"Jersey City's The Melting Pot...Of America" a.k.a. "The Amazing Lady Liberty"

Ben Clifford and Brady Cudmore give a Smart Trax Live Show at Middle School 4 for an Animal Rights Rally.
They wrote a song for it called "Natural Habitat". Musial also produced the stage video.

Autographs back stage after the show

Brady giving a "Skate Dance Live" show with music produced by Musial,
for students at a Roller Rinks in Bufflalo and the Niagara Falls area

Samples of DARE graduations where Prof. Musial produced SMART TRAX LIVE shows

Excited MJ Medina Fans after Musial produced a Smart Trax Live show in Asbury Park, NJ 2000






Mophotographs by David Musial