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Professor Musial • Executive Faculty Producer

Brady Cudmore-Smart Trax Grad, Starring as "Abe"
Brady Cudmore-Smart Trax Grad, Featured for Honestly Abe

The Amazing Lady Liberty

We, Are, Drug, Free!

Take A Stand

Be G.R.E.A.T!

Spread Peace All Over The World

I Have A Real Dream


Brave New American Heroes on the U.S.S. WASP-SIRIUS XM Radio

March (Against Drugs)

The Streets Keep Calling

The Sun Will Shine

Today Is The Day

Everything's A Blur

Skate Dance

Produced by Musial at Maxwell's

SpeckTrum LIVE in Washington

Show for Suicide Prevention National Convention
Produced by Prof. Musial

SpeckTrum Recording in Times Square

Produced by Prof. Musial

SpeckTrum LIVE at Maxwell's
58 Minute Documentary about Smart Trax