Professor David Musial is a dynamic inspirational, motivating award-winning Multimedia Composer, Director, Producer and Educator. Prof. Musial has inspired and advised thousands of high and college students as a Music & Art Technology Professor in the New York City academic world since 1990. His students and artists he works with, have produced #1 Records on the Billboard Charts, scored music for #1 Commercial companies, work for major record companies and TV networks, create animation and star on stages from Aircraft Carriers to Broadway, The Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon to Carnegie Hall to Disney. Professor Musial is a visionary.


Professor Musial custom “tunes” his appearance on your campus to address concerns from his diverse academic and industry experience, to capture the attention of your audience. Musial is not just a creative producer and an academic who trains the next generation of producers, he is an extremely seasoned entrepreneurial entertainment industry businessman and an inventor. He has been through patent procedures and owns U.S. Trademarks, a multitude of URL’s, social network pages and copyrights. Musial incorporates music and videos into the experience and may even have your students get involved.


Professor David Musial dreamed of being a progressive rock star when he was in high school, like Keith Emerson of YES (who he had the great honor to meet in 2009) or Dennis DeYoung of STYX or Rick Wakeman of YES. That never happened, (but he was hired as a consultant for the “Beach Boys” once and flew with them on their private jet to a show!) David could not handle the smell of cigarette smoke, so he quit his rock band as a high school senior, and his dream disappeared. Then he discovered studio musician opportunities through a college course in Electronic Music where he explored the amazing “Monster Moog” synthesizer. The rest is history.

Professor Musial discusses how he finally declared his Major, discusses the importance of Minors or Secondary Concentrations, Electives and the almighty important INTERNSHIP venture(s). How to do it the right way. This leads into discussions on career moves.



Musial has composed songs for and trained dozens of high school age performers over the years. Some have performed on stages with 16,000 in the audience, some have had their own TV shows in New York City. Professor Musial has advised hundreds of high school students with the challenging decision on what to do about college and a career. He has assisted countless college admissions counsellors, by giving high school students custom tours of his college program, based on their interests. Professor Musial has also participated in many college recruiting events around the nation for the Performing and Visual Arts Fairs, so he provides helpful answers to questions students may have about selecting the proper college for their post secondary experience.

The presentation can be one full auditorium presentation with video projection support, a series of medium gatherings like in a orchestral rehearsal room, and some small meetings with a group of select students who the guidance counsellors feel would be of most “benefit” from this unique visit.

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David Musial began his media career observing his dad play keyboards and make home movies in the 1960’s. He became a child prodigy being hired to be a full-time Polish Church Pipe Organist at the age of TEN! He produced his first record (with Moog Synthesizers at the University of Buffalo) at age 19. Now he has worked on over 100 records. (3 Platinum and 7 Gold!) David studied in Buffalo with the creative Jane Liskiewicz in his youth, was encouraged, challenged and promoted by the wonderful Polish Felician Nuns, and then earned the rare opportunity to study with the famous blind musician Carlos Annabelli. Musial used his Electrical, Audio, Acoustics, Visual Design & Video Engineering skills he developed at Erie Community College, SUNY@ Buffalo & Fredonia to design studios. He created his first 3 home recording studios and then designed the Daybreak TV & Radio Production center for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. This is where he “tweaked” his producer and composer skills.

In 1985 David met the “King” of Hollywood Sound Design “Frank Serafine” (Star Trek, Tron, Marvel), and he advised Musial on the “USA 2100” project he scored which was endorsed by President Clinton. He and Frank became friends and twenty years later, Frank met and “ordered” David to promote a new “Star-On-The-Rise” Brady®. Frank wrote and produced a song for him with Musial. (Brady has done many shows in the Buffalo, NY area and has appeared on the leading Pop Station and on ABC TV in Buffalo.)

In 1986 Musial performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1987 Musial co-produced a musical TV documentary with the late, great Dave Brubeck and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. A portion aired nationally on the CBS TV Network. He also scored the music for a PBS TV Show called “Food Sense” and then scored the music for a made-for-TV movie, he also was the technical engineering director for called “Never Too Late”. The same year a retired Buffalo priest introduced David to the NYC Music legend Bob Armstrong. He was the conductor for the original NBC Radio Orchestra and became a “King” of orchestration working with other legends like “Benny Goodman”, “Dorris Day”, “The Living Strings and Voices” (he wrote the Good Morning Angel hit song), “Glenn Miller”, etc. Bob took David “under his wings” and mentored him in music and the music business. He was the advisor of a private foundation for gifted artists, and approved a Full Private Sponsorship for David to now start his Doctorate Studies in Music Composition at the prestigious Juilliard School Of Music and New York University.

David moved to NYC and earned the prestigious honor to be the assistant too the current “Queen” of Commercial Electronic Music: “Suzanne Ciani”. (Coke “Pop and Pour”, Ford, ABC TV, Columbia Pictures, AT7T, Verizon, etc.)
Musial has the most extremely unique technology honor, he read the sheet music for her hit song “The Velocity OF Love” and recorded it into his computer. This “MIDI File” became the first in World-History to be published by the Hal Leonard Music Publishing Company.

Musial received a second Full Teaching Fellowship to be in the first Masters of Music Technology Class at NYU. He designed courses at NYU and won “Instructor-of-the-Year” 3 Times by the student government. Musial was selected to be the first “Masters Class” student of the “Queen” of classical Electronic Music world: “Wendy Carols”. As Walter Carlos, he created the most famous album in Classical Electronic Music History: “Switched On Bach”.

In 1991 Musial received yet another major private artistic grant and he built his glorious “SkyRoom Studios”/“One World Artists” urban oasis, perched in a penthouse suite high over the majestic New York City Harbor. Here dozens of musical artists have been developed and hundreds of colleges students have taken courses, with the Multimedia Wizard. This is where “Stevens Institute of Technology” MUSIC TECHNOLOGY program was “born” in 1993. All of the courses were instructed here through 1998, and many from 2005 to 2010 as well.

In 1993 David’s unique musical mind came up with the song “Get On The Floor and SKATE NOW”. He was inspired to do so when he took his elementary aged nieces and nephews roller skating at the rink where he use to “hang out” on the weekends while in high school. It was the “Orchard Park’ rink near the Buffalo Bills Football Stadium. The hottest music of the time was played there on Friday and Saturday nights. He later returned and produced a live music concert there featuring this song and it gave birth to his “SKATE DANCE RECORDS” venture. Musial composed over 25 songs about roller and ice skating and promoted dozens of shows in roller rinks in Western NY and Northern NJ. He was invited to produce an event for the “Roller Blade Corporation” at the infamous “ROXY” Roller Rink in NYC. David recorded 2 full albums and produced 10 music videos for this record label. He even wrote a script for a potential cartoon series based on this concept, because in the mid 90’s he worked on 10 cartoon show soundtracks. In 2000 two “Skate Dance” Artists performed the song on the ABC-TV Show “AM Buffalo” and a promoter for the massive “Red Ribbon Rally” asked him to write the hit song “We, Are, Drug, Free!”

In 1994 Musial was featured in KEYBOARD MAGAZINE for his creative contribution to the soundtrack for the first film at the new Statue Of Liberty Science Center’s KODAK OMNIMAX Theater. It was the largest in the world at the time. Musial hosted many college student educational tours at this theater. In 1995 Musial was featured in RECORDING MAGAZINE for Electronic & Acoustic as well as Ergonomic design excellence for his NYU second masters thesis creation: SkyRoom Studios. (This was also because of his college studies in WNY State.) In addition that year, Musial was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES, ROLAND MAGAZINE & BUSINESS WEEK, for design excellence and uniques performance ability for a successful integration of Music Technology in a Liturgical Environment.

In 1995 Musial produced the song “Spread Peace All Over The World”, which was used by the United Nations for the 50th anniversary. It was also performed live in Buffalo, NY. This inspired the creation of his positive message “Smart Trax Media” company. Then Erie Community College presented Prof. Musial the “Distinguished Alumni-Of-The-Year” award. Later he was selected to endorse the college fore the 50th Anniversary! In 1998 Professor Musial was selected to be an “actor” as a “producer” in a special video series on ant-violence/bullying for the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education. He also did the audio post production engineering and composed & produced the Theme Songs. It earned an Emmy Award for MTV!

In 2000 his “Smart Trax Media” song “We, Are, Drug, Free!” was composed for the Buffalo, NY “RED RIBBON RALLY”. It was performed in front of 16,000 middles school students at the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena and for about a total of 30,000 students in a week tour. This song went on to win #1 for a Partnership For A Drug Free America in 2004. In 2009 Musial was invited to perform it at the International Convention representing 35,000,000 children for DARE in DISNEY.

Going back to 9/11/01, David was preparing his studio (located across the river form the World Trade Center) to re-record a new version ofd a song he composed in 1993 about the FIRST World Trade Center Bombing. He wrote the evening it happened, as a reflection of the horror and violence. He recorded it with his teen age nephews in Buffalo, who performed it in an angry metal/rock style. It was titled “Earth Quake”. Musial received a letter from the White House related to the artistic statement. While David was loading in the digital data from the 1993 session, he heard a strange sound. He looked out the door of his 35th floor balcony, as saw a “small puff” of smoke coming out of one of the WTC Towers. He was on the phone with his Dad from Buffalo and reported that he thinks there is maybe a “fire” in the World Trade Center and he would call be right back.

David turned on a video camera and captured the horror, as he watched and heard residents in the floors below scream, because their loved ones worked in the Towers!!! David suddenly realized that he was setting up his study to re-record another version of a song about the World Trade Center Bombing while it is being bombed AGAIN! What are the odds??? He immediately penned the song lyrics as a reflection of what he is experiencing first hand, NOT ON TV, and created before the second Tower collapsed (and fighter jets are blasting the skies above him) Musial already deduced this was terrorism. Artists react to things is strange ways. As a very sensitive artist, the words of BRAVE NEW AMERICAN HEROES came to him.

In January he was asked to set the lyrics to music by Luis Medina, the father of Manny & Joy (MJ) Medina. In March 2002 when the “Victory Lights” were illuminated, he completed the video for what had become an Anthem by young performers. On 9/11/02 the song was performed by the brother and sister act who recorded it “MJ Medina” at the first “Helping Hands Foundation New York Will Never Forget”: Walk-A-Thon” at Ground Zero. In 2008, the Music Video was inducted into the 9/11 National Memorial. In 2006 Professor Musial received a letter from the White House commending the creation of this artistic statement.

In 2004, Stevens Institute of Technology invited Professor Musial to create the “MUSIC TECHNOLOGY BACHELORS DEGRE PROGRAM”. (This was the 3rd time, the previous 2 Deans asked him to do this between 1993 & 1998, and then they left the institute.) Musial wrote the course descriptions, created the syllabi and designed ALL of the courses. He hired all of the faculty and travelled the nation where he participated in High School Performing and Visual Arts Colleges Fairs. Musial recruited most of the majors. He inspired and secured a $50,000 grant (this is very tiny money in the industry, this is spent on food and wardrobe for one pro music video!) It was used to create a Student Operated Multi-Media Company. The student executives launched a Record Company as the first division.(The institute did not provide a proper “laboratory” for the program. A recording studio was needed, so this was Musial’s idea to “save” the very fragile program. This company created “retention” and the concept worked on many levels.)

This company changed the academic lives for many students and it gave them incredible real-world, out-of-the classroom experiences. Many placed exciting jobs in the industry because of Musial’s idea. One student attended a recruiting presentation by David and stated that it would be his dream to “someday” be published in “ROLLING STONE” Magazine. He registered for Musial’s program and David became his advisor. He took his advice and became the publicist for the record company. He was then voted to be the vice president, then the president! As a senior, Prof. Musial got him an internship with ROLLING STONE in NYC. After he graduated, he was PUBLISHED as a MUSIC Photographer. He shot the first album cover for the pop star “BRADY®” and Brady is now performing in Times Square. This student is went on to be employed by ABC TV News! One high school junior told Professor Musial in a recruiting advisement meeting, that he wants to go to Stevens, because he dreams of someday becoming the PRESIDENT of this record company. His dream also came true!

In 2006 The United States Young Marines presented Professor Musial gold awards for excellence in helping to inspire the youth of our great nation through music videos. Musial then produced a concert at the 2006 convention in Reno, NV. In 2009 Prof. Musial was given the extremely rare honor to co-write and them produce a show on anti-violence for youth, in the “Hall Of Heroes” in the PENTAGON! In 2010 Prof. Musial was invited to the nations capital for the 25th Anniversary of the Red Ribbon Rally. Five of his “Smart Trax Live” performers presented 5 of the songs at the headquarters for the Drug Enforcement Administration (The D.E.A.) and the director of the United States Department of Defense presented Professor Musial an award for “Promoting Positive Messages Through Music” to the youth of America!

In 2007 Professor Musial met Michelle Moog-Koussa the daughter of the iconic Dr. Robert (Bob) A. Moog, inventor of the “Moog Synthesizer” which changed the world of music in 1964. Michelle created the “Bob Moog Foundation” in his memory and honor. Musial had met Bob many times in the past and in 1976 he purchased (with money he earned playing the organ in church) a “Minimoog” synthesizer. In 1978 he purchased a “Polymoog”. He was inspired by the classic progressive rock or (Keith) Emerson, Lake & Palmer, YES, Genesis and also Starcastle & STYX. They used MOOG instruments extensively. Since Dr. Moog was David’s Music Technology Mentor, he suggested to Michelle that the Foundation consider creating a “student division”. The Foundation accepted the idea and titled David the “Director of Academic Membership & Development.

Musial went on to design a “virtual” drawing for a “Robert A. Moog Center for Electronic Music Composition”, and convinced the Foundation to select “Stevens Institute of Technology” to be the premiere location. Musial travelled both coasts of the country and attended major industry conventions and invited most of the active companies in the industry to help sponsor the venture. He then secured research grants for college students to assist the foundation and personally conducted video interviews for the Foundation’s YouTube channel. Musial met his performance mentor “Keith Emerson” at a private concert for the foundation in California at the NAMM Headquarters. David played the infamous “Monster Moog” for a second, during the set up and had photos with his mentor. Wow! (Musial also met “Jon Anderson” of YES around the same time!)

About this time Professor Musial assisted another college student to realize his dream: to have a #1 song on the Billboard Charts before he graduated. He overheard Prof. Musial answer some questions his high school brother had about the Music Technology Program he designed. He was a freshman at Rutgers University at the time. This student later met with Musial and he switched universities. As a sophomore in Musial’s program he became his advisor. He also took several of Musial’s courses. Musial assisted him with internships. This student and Brady® composed and recorded a pop song together. In the spring of his senior year, while participating in an internship at Atlantic Records, Musial was supervising this senior thesis. He walked into his office, tossed a CD on his desk and triumphantly proclaimed “I DID IT”! He worked on a song that was on a #1 Record on the BILLBOARD CHARTS! “Now That’s What I Call Music” with his artist “Jacob Latimore”. Taylor Swift, Emimem, Rhinna, Pink, Kei$sha, Kaity Perry and more! In 2015 the largest beer company in the world, “Budweiser, the KING of Beers” was sold. The new owner hired Musial’s student to create and produce the music for the first TV commercial for the new company! Go Dan! Go Prof. Musial!

In 2011 Prof Musial was asked by Mrs. Cynthia Artin an international philanthropist, to inspire 11 college musical acts to create 11 songs to say “Thank You” to American Soldiers, who have either lost or Risked their lives, to protect our safety and freedom to study and make music since 9/11/01. With great artistic and patriotic honor David accepted. It is called Project Eleven. Musial and many of his college students also accepted to get involved, and on 11/11/11 VETERAN’s DAY, it was launched. On Memorial Weekend 2012 Musial personally funded and produced a concert on the flight deck of the U.S.S. WASP Aircraft Carrier in the NY Harbor. It was a live national broadcast with the legendary David Webb on SIRIUS XM. FOX TV News was also involved. All proceeds will benefit the “Wounded Warriors” Foundation.

2012 was a very prosperous Academic Year. The very unique & dynamic Music Technology Program Professor David Musial created in 2004, based on the extremely successful program his mentor Prof. David Moulton created in the late 1970’s, won second place in the Nation at the “Best Colleges” organization for being the “Most Innovative Music Technology Program Changing The Industry”. Berklee School of Music in Boston took First Place. (Berklee invited Musial to join their faculty many years ago, but NYC is his “base”.) Musial took a hiatus from teaching after this award to develop plans for his own school.

Also in 2012 Professor Musial was invited to produce the Original Cast album for the education musical “Honestly Abe”. It was about the college-aged life for president Abraham Lincoln. A “One World Artist” Musial discovered, became the lead as “Abraham”. Musial used “Premier” and “QUAD” studios in Time Square to record the orchestra, and chorus. He utilized his SkyRoom Facility to record the lead vocals, mix and master the album. Many of his college students observed and learned from the venture.

Musial went on to produce another two albums for Brady Cudmore and then was introduced to the ridiculously comedic music by his dad “Timmy” about “trout fishing in Canada”! Musial produced four albums He calls himself the “King Fish Man”. Musial has now produced four albums for this artist and many silly music videos!

One of Professor Musial’s most dedicated and successful university graduates has become his Chief Systems Engineer for his SkyRoom Studio facility. Together in 2014-2015 they redesigned and updated the facility to be one again a State-Of-The-Art multimedia facility. Recently he assisted the director of the “Tuesday’s Children” 9/11 Charity with the pop star “Fifty Cent”. The song went #1 on the BILLBOARD CHARTS!

Another student met Prof. Musial as a high school senior at a recruiting fair. Musial became his university advisor. He became a double major and was voted to become the president of the undergraduate student government. He performed a concert on a U.S. Aircraft Carrier for the Project Eleven event Musial produced. Musial secured a research grant for him in Art and Music Technology at the Statue of Liberty Science Center. Upon graduation the student formed a “Buss Ticket Search” company and creates videos and scores music related to his unique tours. He also voiced a cartoon character for Musial’s newest venture.

In 2013 Professor Musial was invited to join the faculty of a very unique alternative high school for women 17+. It is part of the amazing non-profit called the “York Street Project”, founded by Irish Catholic Nuns 25 years ago. Musial teaches Music, Art, Theater and Music Video Production. He helped to composed the fist Alma Mater “I Can Reach My Dreams”. He also taught students how to make a music video for the song. In 2015 he is producing a TV documentary for the 25th anniversary.

Professor Musial met the brilliant multi-talented Carol Lester in 2014 when she was the Vice President of the Jersey City Board of Education. Musial was just endorsed to run for the board by a local councilman who was now running (and won) for mayor of the new, amazing Jersey City. Carol was a rock and roll singer/songwriter before she met he husband, a college professor. After she had a daughter, she started playing cool arrangements of nursery rhymes for her and this eventually inspired her to record an album. She hired Musial to produce the second album. This very creative dynamic dual is now working on a third album and you guessed it, a NextGen Stars TV show based on the concept! Five of the 13 episodes are already filmed!

In 2014 Ali Murat Animations, a European cartoon company contacted Musial and presented him the honor to be the producer of the character voices for the “big project”: The MAD SCREEN BOX. This is the name of the World’s first 4K ULTRA HD Video Game Channel. Musial accepted and produced 17 of the 20 character voices, where each voice has it’s own game. Music voiced the characters of “Ludbig” an 80 year old musician, “Doctor Sorry” also 80 and “Professor Wasdis”!

This project gave Musial the inspiration to finally produce the first series for his TV show concept “NextGen Stars®”. The U.S. government granted him the registered trademark in 2011. This will be a “Reality/Talent Search/Virtual Reality” show where Professor Musial is the host. The show starts with him on camera in his SkyRoom Studio and he introduces all of the talent (singers he has meet gradually over time and has produced records for) and all of the producers (who are students he has taught in college and have graduated from his award-winning curriculum). Since this video game is for children, together they are launching and inspiring the “Next Generation of Stars”. There are 13-then minute episodes in-progress, scheduled for a first quarter 2016 release. In addition, each talent and producer may now get their own TV series launched from this show!

In the summer of 2016 Professor Musial hopes to launch his “Smart Trax” non-profit school at summer camps where college Music Technology interns have a paid job teaching his “NextGen Stars” curriculum he created. Gifted middle school students will receive the opportunity to attend at no cost, from projected grant income, and all sessions will be filmed. Future episodes of the NextGen Stars TV show may evolve form this educational venture.

In the fall of 2014 Prof. Musial assisted long time friend and NYU professor colleague, Dr. Yaz Shehab, in the creation of one of the 26 original compositions for a truly unique artistic healing experience. It is the brainchild of Mr. Jay Einbender, an business entrepreneur who was diagnosed AND healed of cancer. Art and Music Helped him so he convinced 26 composes from five countries with a total of 70 individuals, to create an E-Book titled “Heart 1st A to Z”. He suggested Carol Lester and Roger Ansanelli as narrators for the venture and is the producer of these recordings. Both are cartoon voices in the Mad Screen Box, and Roger has done one a hundred musical performances with Musial the past 20 years. He has also done many cartoon voice sessions with him. Roger is a professional “Sound Healer” and Musial has recorded sessions for him. Musial is currently a technical consultant on this wonderful venture which is also scheduled for a spring 2016 release.


Professor Musial is… THINKING!
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