VISIONARY: Theatrical Creator, Director, Choreagrapher
Costume Designer, Photographer, Artist- TEACHER
David Musial introduces George Marcy to Miss Bernadine
SkyRoom Studio June 2015

This Batman is always in Hoboken by the Cake Boss!

Miss Bernadine and BRADY® Cudmore

Miss Bernadine in front of the Wonderful
The Polish World War Hero Statue
in Exchange Place, Jersey City

Miss Bernadine's student Michelle Lucci starred in
PHANTOM for 8 years
In the Miss Bernadine Private Costume Collection
Singer/Actor/Chef Jim Rebholz getting inspired to do a show!

The View from the Dining Room of her Theatrical Paradise


Improv photos by David Musial,
David's Photos by Jim Rebholz
Shea's Buffalo photos by Robert Wohler