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Fresh, Hot-Pop-Dance Music from the #1 Performer at the newest Nightclub on Broadway in New York City. Thirteen originals and Two unique cover tunes. "Play That Funky Music" & "Let's Dance"!

BRADY® was born in the beautiful vicinity of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Canada as "James BRADY Cudmore". He spent his early years listening as much as possible to the radio (mostly American/British stations), playing the drums, singing and fishing with his dad Timmy who jams on the electric guitar. His mom Faye got him all kinds of music to study. Brady became interested in acting in his high school years at "Bluefield" in Hampshire. He worked several part-time jobs to help get though life in a community surrounded by potato fields and mussel farms... P.E.I.

In 2007 his high school sent a small group of the most talented performers to NYC for a "senior trip". Brady's life changed! Brady introduced himself to David Musial and insisted that he “sings” for him at an Audio Engineering Convention. Musial (a multi-platinum, Emmy award winning music & media producer as well as an awarded professor in Media Technology) signed Brady an artist development deal to his company One World Artists Management. Doors were opened and Brady simply and HUMBLY showed the world his talent.

For Brady… No “Canadian Idol”, no “American Idol” or "The Voice" or "Glee" or anything fabricated... this was real. Now he performed for thousands in Western New York State, has been labeled a “Teen Idol” in newspapers, has been interviewed on ABC TV, CBC TV, KISS 98 FM, SIRIUS XM National Radio, and dozens of newspapers, performed in numerous schools, roller rinks, street fairs, raceways for 10,000, in DISNEY, on Aircraft Carriers, even in he Pentagon. Brady is now is starring in “Honestly Abe” an off-Broadway Musical about “President Abraham Lincoln” AND is the #1 performer (according to New York Magazine) at the newest nightclub for MUSIC on Broadway, in New York City... JELSOMINO. How did he do this? Persistence with a fact that he has natural born talent and humbleness.


Brady now has 10 record producers (who volunteered to help him succeed) not only in NYC, but Toronto, Miami, Europe and Hollywood. Frank Serafine, a very well know Hollywood Sound Designer (Star Trek, Baywatch, Tron) ordered his manager, David Musial, to sign Brady and he wrote a song for him. Steve Clark is multi-platinum in Europe and has been a DJ and most of the famous clubs in America and Europe.

Brady earned a vary rare United States Performance Arts VISA because of all of the volunteer shows he gave in schools, roller rinks and official venues like the U.S. DEA Headquarters, shows for DARE International in Disney and in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon. He even did a TV Commercial demo for Doritos for the Super bowl called the "Chip Squad"!



BRADY is a dynamic Singer/Song Writer/Musician/Actor, graphic artist & Dancer from Prince Edward Island, Canada who is now based in the New York City area. Brady has composed dozens of unique songs, plays piano, guitar and drums. He studied guitar with Carlos Alomar who performed with David Bowie for many years. Brady was tiled a "Teen Sensation" by newspapers. He has a team of dynamic, platinum/Emmy awarded producers in the United States, Canada and Europe. Brady has performed for tens of thousands in clubs, schools, street festivals, roller rinks, on Aircraft Carriers, at Race Car Tracks, on TV/Radio in DISNEY and even in the Pentagon! Currently he is a co-star of a Musical Off-Broadway about the life of President Abraham Lincoln titled "Honesty Abe" and he is the host & star of the newest night club in NYC "JESLOMINO" on Broadway! Humbleness is Brady's greatest talent. Everybody Loves Brady.



"THIS IS BRADY" is Brady’s third album. Please look for "The Early Years" and “Friends Like You”, to hear Brady sing a variety of Pop & Duets with some other wonderful artists. Brady has many music videos on his website and many, many newspaper interviews and photos. A simply search for "Brady" or "BradySongs" or "BradyCudmore" will lead you to a site full of great blogs, music and fascinating reviews.




BRADY Cudmore appears courtesy One World Artists Management.

David Musial: Exectuve Producer/CEO One World Artists Management

All songs composed by BRADY Cudmore except “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie, “Play That Funky Music” by Robert Parassi. “Come Over And Dance” co-composed by Steve Clark & David Musial produced by David Musial and co-produced by Steve Clark. “DJ Turn It Up’ ” co-composed by Dan Smith and co-produced by Rob Harari

All instruments performed by BRADY, some by David Musial, Steve Clark, Dan Smith & Carlos Alomar (guitars on “Let‘s Dance”)
(p)2010-2012 One World Artists, LLC © 2010-2012 OneWam Music Publishing, BMI, except “Let’s Dance” © Fairwood Music International and “Play That Funky Music” Alfred Music Publishing/EMI