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January 2018

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Official Biography for the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award


Professor David Musial is an award-winning,
entrepreneurial multimedia producer and educator.

David Musial has over 30 years of a wide variety of experience in the multimedia industry from: composition and performance, to engineering and mastering, photography, graphics, web design and video directing with a focus on musical artist management. David was hired as a Professional Pipe Organist at the age of 10. He is a prestigious professor in the industry. Musial is the founder of an artist development company called "The One World Artists Group" (One World Artists, LLC), which is the parent company for SkyRoom Studios, Smart Trax® Media, LLC, Skate Dance™ Records, NextGen Stars™, as well as OneWam Music Publishing. Since 1979 Musial has worked in a variety of capacities on over 100 records, (Gold & Platinum-Billboard Charts), 11 different animated series/video games, and a variety of radio shows, TV shows and films including industrials for NASA, concerts and music videos for a variety of United States agencies. David has received many creative testimonials, and he is endorsed by MOOG MUSIC (2007) and ROLI SEABOARD Technology (2016), he is in the endorsement process for the "APPLE Computers Distinguished Educators" and Steinway MIDI Grand Piano companies, and has been featured in a multitude of press articles and national magazines including the: New York Times, Keyboard, Recording and Business Week. On August 13, 2014, David was inducted into the "Buffalo Music Hall-Of-Fame." Prof. Musial just trademarked his "MusicTech Kids™" & "MusicTech Teens™" concepts & is currently performing & filming Polish Christmas Carol shows for the Polish Theater Institute which included an event at The Kosciuszko Foundation National Headquarters, assiting the Garden State Theater Organ Society, developing shows for NextGen Stars®, including training and producing live performance auditions for Half-Time Shows at the most famous Music Arena, Madison Square Garden.

David's work has been endorsed by the United Way, The United States Department of Education, The United States Department of Justice, A Partnership for a Drug Free America,, D.A.R.E. NJ, D.A.R.E. America and D.A.R.E. International, national SCHOLASTIC, The United States Marshals, The United States Young Marines, The 9/11 Memorial, Camp Haze for 9/11 Children, The Dr. Martin Luther King foundation, The United States Drug Enforcement Agency, The White House and The United Nations. The "Take A Stand" project he worked on earned an Emmy Award for MTV. Musial was entered into the prestigious books "The National Dean's List".

Currently Prof. Musial is developing the Smart Trax® Institute of Technology, with the unique MusicTech Kids™ program and the NextGen Stars® TV Show Series. He is furthering the exciting musical careers of Brady®, Bubble Queen Music™, The King Fish Man™, The Wacky Chef™, Maciej, Annie & Izzie, Rafal, The Rosado's, C4-AH and many more! NYC Journalist Evelyn Bonilla is conducting extensive research for a extensive Biography of his creative life in Media Arts.


Finer details...

David was born to the wonderful Art and Terry Musial. He studied at Orchard Park HS, Erie Community College, SUNY@Buffalo & Fredonia. After an exclusive private mentorship with the 2 time Grammy Nominated "Bob Armstrong", David received a full artistic sponsorship to The Juilliard School of Music for his first masters studies and a full teaching fellowship to NYU for his second masters studies. Musial was elected Vice President of the NYU Music Graduate Student Government and simultaneously inducted into the prestigious Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society in 1991. He designed the concept for what is now SkyRoom Studio, as his final proposed Graduate project in Music Technology. (In May of 1990, Dr. Kenneth Peacock met Musial and presented him a full "Teaching Fellowship" to now enter the first "run" of the new "Masters in Music Technology" program. He told Musial that he would combine both of his Masters into a "Doctorate".) David earned the prestigious "Alumni Of The Year" award at ECC in 1995 and then represented the college in an extensive media campaign including radio and print commercials for the 50th anniversary. David was honored with the "Best Professor" award in 1994, 95, 96 & 97 by the student government in the Music Technology program at NYU. Musial has volunteered on several occasions to be a judge for the DECA Program (Distributive Education Clubs of America.)

In 2004 Professor Musial was the founder and designed the Music Technology BA Program at Stevens Institute of Technology. Musial hired the entire faculty and had over 60 full time majors in this program by 2012. The college curriculum he designed, won second place in America in 2012 by "Best Colleges" as "The Most Innovative College Music Programs Changing the Industry". Prof. Musial has inspired a multitude of students including who he helped fulfill their dreams: Ken Bachor ('08) went on to be published as a Music Photographer for SPIN, ROLLING STONE and now TIME magazines, Dan Smith ('11) was advised by Musial and he got a song he produced (as he said when he met Musial) to be #1on a Billboard Chart! Noriel Valdez ('13) is now a Computer Science grad student, Live Sound and Chief Systems Engineer at SkyRoom Studios.

David inspired and produced "Project Eleven", with students from all over America. It was featured in a multitude of media, on FOX TV News and the live concert on the U.S.S. WASP Aircraft Carrier, produced by Musial, was aired nationally on SIRIUS XM. Musial's college grads or advisees now work at major record labels, publishing firms and radio stations including Atlantic, Warner, Universal, ABC TV, SPIN, Rolling Stone, TIME, NYC Radio Stations, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Century 21, Hollywood Animation and more. Musial founded a student operated record label funded by a grant and assisted the pop artist "Cori Yarkin" later placed 3 songs in "The Hills", a #1 show on MTV. Prof. Musial inspired the "Student Division" of the Bob Moog Foundation in 2007. Dr. Robert "Bob" Moog was Musial's electronic Music Technology mentor.

In 2001 the "Smart Trax" concept was approved by D.A.R.E. International, and in 2009 it was approved by national SCHOLASTIC. In 2010 David Musial received an award from the United States Department Of Justice, commending the lifetime success of his educational positive message media company: "Smart Trax". (Music & Visual Psychology.) This award was after four songs he composed and/or produced, and videos he directed, were performed live at the national convention for the Red Ribbon Rally at the Drug Enforcement Agency, (D.E.A.) Headquarters, across from the Pentagon. Musial received a letter from the White House after his music video "Brave New American Heroes" was inducted into the 9/11 National Memorial. In 2012 the New York State Parent Teachers Association endorsed Smart Trax.

David Musial photo collage with Industry Leaders and a variety of Celebrities

Musial has worked with Jazz legend Dave Brubeck, N’Kenge (Motown on Broadway/Carnegie Hall), Ray Romano (Everyone Loves Raymond) , Melanie (Brand New Key-Roller Skates) , Janice Hendrix (sister to Jimi), Joseph Brooks (You Light Up My Life), Bill Lewis (Cherish, The Wedding Song, Laverne & Shirley TV Theme), Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block) "SOUTHIE" Movie theme, Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar, Resident Evil, Girl Fight), Douglas Santiago (Girl Fight), "Chubby Checkers", "Suzanne Ciani", (Coke-"Pop & Pour") The Beach Boys and more.

Musial produced pop/dance tracks for the Joeffrey Ballet artist Shane "Spin", A music video was created and SPIN premiered it at the famous "Webster Hall" in NYC. David created the first soundtrack for the "USA 2100" Project in Washington endorsed by President Clinton. Musial has composed and produced shows for positive music, which have been used all over America, from Disney to the Pentagon. Musial contributed to the Sound Design for the largest cinema in the world, (featured in KEYBOARD Magazine) at the KODAK Omnimax located inside the Statue Of Liberty Science Center. He has also produced Smart Trax Concerts here as well. His Halloween CD's for "Drew's Famous Party Music" & "Turn Up The Music" have hit the Billboard Charts many times. (The very first record for Drew was sequenced by Musial at SkyRoom Studios.) Musial produced: the theme "We, Are, Drug, Free" used by D.A.R.E., A Partnership for a Drug Free America and the Young Marines (convention-Pentagon Show), as well as "Be G.R.E.A.T!" for the U.S. Marshals- sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, and "IMPACT" for the Young Marines. Musial composed a song about the multicultural aspect of the Statue Of Liberty and earned the cover of the Jersey Journal for this song and video. It was presented live on NJ TV. A soundtrack Musial co-produced for the NYC area artist "AJE" won first place "Live At The Apollo". One of Musial's students "Dan Smith", who he advised for 3 years, Dan earned a #1 Record credit on the Billboard Charts! Manny Medina, trained by Musial, won first place on a LIVE Show on MTV.

In the spring of 2012, Musial became the Executive Producer of the original cast album recording for "Honestly Abe". It is about the life of president Abraham Lincoln from the ages of 17-21. Musial recorded at Premiere Media NYC and Quad Studios in Times Square, and all lead vocals were recorded at his SkyRoom Studio facility where he also mixed and mastered the album. Musial is the Executive Producer for the 100% charity "Project Eleven". He inspired the youth of America to create 11 songs to say "Thank You" to Soldiers who have been at war since 9/11. The album also has the Anthem "Brave New American Heroes" Musial composed before the second tower collapsed on 9/11/01. (This song was performance by Ground Zero on 9/11/02 at the commencement of the New York Will Never Forget-Helping Hands Walk-A-Thon.) The Project Eleven concept commenced with a free concert on 11/11/11, live performances on the U.S.S. WASP Aircraft Carrier in the NYC Harbor on 5/26/12, which was broadcast live on SIRIUS XM National Radio. It all concluded with a live national radio broadcast at 11 PM announcing the release of the album on iTunes, CD Baby and more. All proceeds to benefit the "Wounded Warriors Project".

David Musial began private music lessons on keyboards at age 7. At age 10 he build a "push cart" and was featured in the Buffalo News. At 11 he built anotehr more advanced cart and a 2-Story Clubhouse with glass windows, screens, hinged doors, electricity and more! and has performed on pipe organs for over 10 thousand services since the age of 10, conducted choirs, performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic, produced orchestral and choral recordings for Dave Brubeck on CBS TV, produced hundreds of live shows for as many as 16,000 people in sports arenas. Musial assisted on several projects with the Bollywood Film Award Winning composer, Wayne Sharpe, who also composed for the Olympics, "Pokemon" and "Yughio". From 2001-2003, Musial was the Director of the Music Division of the Manhattan Model Search corporation. He participated in a 17-city tour of America and signed 13 talented artists to his Smart Trax/Skate Dance venture from this tour. As director of the Music Division of the Manhattan Model Search 2001-2003; Musial hosted talent searches around America in front of thousands. Musial later recorded thirteen artists for Smart Trax and Skate Dance records, which included many music videos produced by David. Musial is endorsed by "The Music Producer" software company.

Musial has produced vocal recording sessions for "N'Kenge", (a protégé of Berry Gordy/Motown/Universal) who performed for President Obama's Inauguration, at Carnegie Hall and is now on Broadway. He has also produced sessions for the "Rebels Like Angels" record company with her and Sharaé. David was the assistant to Suzanne Ciani in NYC in 1988 (5 Grammy nominees) and has the honor of being the performer of the very first MIDI song file ever published for her album title track "The Velocity Of Love". Musial was the assistant to Joseph Brooks who composed the song "You Light Up My Life" and directed the Broadway Musical. Musial designed his home studio and trained him to use it while being an expert at Sam Ash Professional in NYC. David Musial also produced "Ground Swell" for David Stellmach, which was titled one of the "Best New Smooth Jazz" Artists for CD 101.9 FM in NYC!

Musial met Buffalo native Wayne Sharpe in 1982 in Fredonia, when he David was a guest presenter in an Electronic Music class. Musial suggested that Wayne change his major to Sound Recording Technology. He also assisted him with audio work in Buffalo. Later he encouraged Wayne to move to NYC where he introduced him to Sam Ash music in Manhattan. Musial and Sharpe worked on several musical ventures together over the years: TV Commercials for "Cover Girl" & "Revlon", the KODAK Omnimax film "Welcome To The Max", the film "Southie" starring "Donnie Walhberg" from "New Kids On The Block", Forever Chozen and more. Musial taught Sharpe how to operate the legendary "SYNCLAVIER" Synthesizer at Ciani Musica on 23rd and Madison Ave in NYC in 1988! Most recently (after Musial predicted in 1982 That Wayne would be the "next" John Williams in the Film World), Wayne scored the music and a 70 piece orchestra played it, for the 2016 IMAX Logo. It premiered before the STAR WARS showing on the day it broke world viewing records. Since Williams scored this Star Wars also, Wayne Sharpe was the "opening act" for "John Williams"! Wayne also scored the CBS TV 2016 Presidential Elections soundtrack and the soundtrack to the most viewed TV show in the world, the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant!  Musial discovers and promotes talent!

Musial designed the Daybreak TV & Radio facilities (which has earned a multitude of awards since 1985). He created the music video for the opening of the 1987 national "Gabriel Awards" at this facility. David did many independent producing sessions at Starfields Productions/Trackmaster studios in Buffalo, when members of the "Goo Goo Dolls" were interning. (He rented an apartment across the street to be convenient). The Funk legend "Rick James" (Super Freak), use to rent synthesizers from Musial. David's friend John Stork was one of the main acoustic designers. Musial later hired Storyk to teach musical acoustics at Stevens. He worked with "Melanie" there, on Kodak commercials and more. He also helped to program "The Music Republic" Browser at Tower Records at Lincoln Center in 1998, which increased the stores CD sales. David was invited by James Rado, the creator of the Broadway Show "HAIR" to synthestrate his next musical in 1992.

In 2008 Musial worked with Rob Harari, (Spyro Grya, Barbera Streisand, ELO, Spike Lee) Carlos Alomar, (David Bowie, John Lennon, Debbie Gibson), Steve Clark, Kevin Bertotti, Frank Serafine, (Star Trek, Marvel Avengers-Iron Man/Captain America, Tron, Addams Family, Baywatch) Dion Parsons (Blue Note, Columbia, Sony Records) and many other amazing producers, composers & musicians including the multi-platinum Bill Lewis, to assist a new Canadian artist named "Brady®" Cudmore. Bill composed "I Want It Again" and "We're Making It", which Musial produced on Brady Cudmore's first album, "The Early Years". The new Motown/Universal recording artist "N'Kenge" sings an outstanding duet with Brady on "I Want It Again". Musial also engineered the first album for Andy Brick for Warner Brothers Records with Broadway "kids" titled "The "Global Song Book". Musial later hired Brick to teach Orchestration at Stevens. He then hired Brick to teach Music Theory, which led to Brick being hired full time at Stevens.

In 2013 David shared his musical talents by playing an incredible Pipe Organ and Grand Piano while leading song, at Saint Anthony Of Padua Church in the historic section of downtown Jersey City. Currently One World Artists Management is continuing to assist the dynamic star, BRADY Cudmore. He has 4 albums produced by Musial and is one of the stars in "Honestly Abe". Brady performed in Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops Orchestra on April 12, 2012. Musial just produced the first album for his father Timmy Cudmore. It's a silly comedy project called King Fish Man, and hopefully will make you laugh all the way to your favorite fishing hole! The amazing Carol Lester has contributed to some of the vocal tracks and Musial is now producing her next album! The incredible Sax player Joey Arminio, also jammed on this album.

In 2014, David joined the faculty at The York Street Project near Jersey City Hall. He has designed and instructed a course in Music Video Production. Musial inspired their first Alma Mater "I Can Reach My Dreams". Carol Lester who sang the first recording, joined him. David also inspired a song about living in Jersey City titled "Diver-Sity". Musial showed the students how to shoot and produce music videos for the songs. Musial also produced the fourth album and several music videos for the "King Fish Man" in 2015, including a release in "Trout Town USA". David then produced a fun project titled "ABC Sing With Me-Volume 2: Lullabies" and is almost done with new "Bubble Queen Party Music" album for Carol Lester. Most recently Musial re-united with Animator, Ali Murat in Europe and International Distributor, Loni Farhi. David produced the character voice recordings for the world's first interactive 4K-3D Video Game titled the "Mad Screen Box". David voiced three of the characters: "LudBig", "Doctor Sorry" and "Professor WasDis"!

David has been honored with the prestigious "Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame" award, 2014.

Musial met with Mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City in the fall of 2015 and suggested the creation of the "Jersey City Music Hall Of Fame". David has been honored with the prestigious "Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame" award, 2014.The idea concept "pitch" has been accepted and is currently in development. Prof. David Musial is the Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer. The venture is now "in-the-creation

In 2015 Musial teamed up with the award-winning Carol Lester to develop his idea of her becoming the "Bubble Queen™" of children's music with her "Royal Bubble Pops™". This evolved into a full 12 song album of original tunes like "The Bubble Dance™", "Poppity Pop", "A Million Bubbles" " and more which was launched on May 1, 2016. Carol was recently the Vice President of the Jersey City Board of Education. Together they are now working in a stage show and an animated series concept including toys and more!

Musial has been developing for many years, and is now also forming his own "school"... The Smart Trax School employing college interns to teach his unique "Next Gen Stars®" • MusicTech Kids™ curriculum) which leads to a "TV Show" called "NextGen Stars®", for 2015. It's a "Reality" • "Talent Search" • "Virtual Reality" show for the "Next Generation, all trained and/or discovered by the Emcee of the show: Professor Musial.

In 2016 he produced a documentary about the Broadway & Opera Star "N'Kenge" singing the National Anthem in Madison Square Garden (which is the conclusion to the seires "Munchkin Music Madness™" which will be a NextGen Stars release. David produced 12 remixes of some of the best BRADY® songs in the new MP4 STEMS Format, the State-Of-The-Art in DJ Music Technology. He also put the finishing touches on his new soon to be titled Brady® album, which includes the legendary, Grammy winning guitarist "Julio Fernandez" of Spyro Gyra! David teamed up with Carol Lester and Simon Pereira Shorely to help launch Liberty VoiceOvers™. The MadScreen Box was released. It is the world's first Ultra HD 4K Video Game Network and Musial produced 17 of the character voices and he himself voiced "Prof Wasdis, Dr Sorry and Ludbig"! It is the world's Musial produced the "Frankie Jordan" documentart. David produced two new albums for the amazing King Fishman this year. He now has 80 wacky, silly song on iTunes! What would you do if the infamous, innocent EASTER BUNNY go BUSTED in the Mall next to your home? Look here! When a mom asked you to help her kid with "Legos" this is what Musialo did. The funniest thing David did this year was to produce the NextGen Stars documentary about a wonderful "Coffee" shop chain from Buffalo & Canada called "Tim Hortons". Jim the "Wacky Chef" hosted "What's A Hortons?" He also released the album "Trick Or Treats" with the new music videos he produced "The Zombie Dance" by 6 year old Maciej Part and "We Love Halloween" by 8 & 4 year old sisters "Annie & Izzie Johnson", all MuscTech Kids students! David helped one of his students to learn how to play the piano & pipe organ and sing in Polish in his church at just 6-7 years old! This was the age David started to do the same! David was asked to begin a Children's Choir at the beautiful Saint Mary's Church in Jersey City, and the first performance will be on Christmas Eve. He has gone "back to his roots"!

Janaury 2017 launched the first 3 albums of the highly acclaimned "MusicTech Kids™" program. There are Music Videos for this project and now a Book & eBook series is in development. Album 4 is "in-the-works" too! The Liberty Voiceovers™ venture is now developing into a Reality NextGen Stars® TV Show series. SkyRoom Studios is in full production for the "New Beginning" album by the award-winning Artist & Producer "Biddy Q". We are also now producing the very talented RnB Writer/Singer/Artists "JAVI". Musial is co-writing the "Bubbleland™" Musical with thew amazing Carol Lester a.k.a the "Bubble Queen™". The "BRADY® Remix" album is being launced and the 5th solo album and new site for the Canadian Music sensation for "Brady®" is also being completed. David will be producing a new song for Broadway/Carnegie Hall Star "N'Kenge" and she will also sing on the theme song for the "Noko The Night" Cartoon composed by author Eleni Theodorou and David Musial.

David enjoys Skiing, Snorkeling, Biking, Dirt Biking & Rollerblading.
1st Construction at 11, 2nd & 3rd Constructions at 11& 12

His motto for music: "If it's not fun, don't do it".

Bob Moog's inventions taught Musial to "Think Out Of The Box", thanks Bob!

Musial is thinking!

David recently finished his first album and now is working on his second here at age 21 in 1981, David has worked on over 100 to date!

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