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David Musial has produced, directed and edited a multitude of videos in his career, commencing with a project in high school at age 17. His Dad "Art" had a passion for music (keyboards) and film/video, so David followed in his "footsteps. David studied film & photography in High School and quickly learned how to master exposures in "the dark room". While attending Erie Community College South (near Buffalo, NY) he continued to expand his knowledge in still photography, but also in DC & AC electronics. Videography was a natural extention, and he quickly gravitated to the campus TV Studio.

He mastered the complexities of calibrating professional 3 tube cameras and all of the cable interfacing and timing to make it possible to "switch" the cameras through electronic visual switchers. He also learned how to electronically maintain and service video tape recorders, so eventually he earned the skills t design a complete TV Production Center.

Musial graduated to SUNY @Fredonia, where he mastered sound recording technology and acoustics, but also studied film production. David interned at TV production centers in Western NY State including WUTV Ch 29 and WKBW Ch 7 ABC. He helped to design the "Gibraltar Network" related to "Gibraltar Steel Corp." David played keyboards for a variety of local TV shows from a young teen through his college years, so he absorbed a great deal about television production. When he graduated from his BA degree in Recording Engineering, the first day after he directed live sound for a national TV broadcast from Washington, DC!




Daybreak TV Productions designed by Musial in 1985
partial award shelf in 1995. Many more in 2013!

In New York City, while attending both Juilliard and NYU, Musial participated in a variety of sound scoring ventures for TV and film projects. He started shooting music videos for lung artists he was developing musically and used "Photoshop", "Premiere", "iMovie" & "Final Cut Pro" to start crafting music video masterpieces. He would arrange for Network TV studio tours for his college students. Musial contributed to the sound design for the world's largest Ominimax Cinema, located at the Statue of Liberty Science Center. He was featured in KEYBOARD Magazine for his contribution.

Musial was the recording engineer foar a national TV commercial for "Oreo Cookies" by Nabiso featuring "Chubby Checker". David recorded him singing a new version of his smash hit "The Oreo Twist". In 1990 the campaign earned a
"Brammy Award"

His "Skate Dance Records" and "Smart Trax Media" songs started demanding stage projections of music videos for live performance enhancement, so Musial started directing countless shoots to build an extensive library. Some of the shows were done in roller rinks, on huge auditorium stages in schools, in Disney, even in Sports Arenas with 16,000 fans also viewing it on "Jumbotrons". Musial produced a music video on the Flight Deck of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier for ProjectEleven.org (He had the first live feed to the internet from a "Jumbotron" in sports arena history, in Buffalo in 2000.

Over 100 music videos (aired on network TV), sold in stores and at shows, all over YouTube. The music video Musial produced for the anthem "Brave New American Heroes",he composed on 9/11/01 (between the Twin Towers collapsing as he observed from the balcony of his SkyRoom Studio facility), was recently inducted into the National 9/11 Registry. Musial received a letter from mayor Bloomberg of NYC and from the White House for this tribute. " Take a Stand" earned an Emmy Award and a Silver Cindy and Smart Trax earned a lifetime achievement award for promoting Positive Messages Through Music form the United States Department of Justice

Since there were only 3 professional recording studios in his home town of Buffalo, NY in 1984 when he completed college, he was not able to work full time in his field. There were no open positions. David took on projects as a producer and rented studio time and did creative works. David had been a professional pipe organist in Catholic Churches since the age of 10, and had all of the Audio and Video and Acoustic as well as Lighting and Electrical skills, plus drafting skills under his "belt": The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo hired David to design from scratch, a state-of-the-art, Television & Radio Production Studio complex. It was to be housed in the old "printing press" room of a newspaper that closed down. It had 40ft high ceilings and was perfect for both TV lighting grids and Audio bass traps as well as Air conditioning ventilation! Musial designed a 3-camera, "A-B Roll" Grass Valley Switcher professional facility.

Once the construction was complete, David continued as a Technical Engineer, evolved into the main composer and audio expert, and eventually became a regular videographer, editor and then director. He co-produced a documentary about the late Jazz legend, Dave Brubeck, which aired locally on ABC TV but also nationally on CBS TV! David then scored a successful educational series for PBS TV called "Food Sense", and this landed Musial a full private sponsorship to the Juilliard School of Music in NYC.

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