In 2000, Professor David Musial co-wrote and then produced the song "We, Are, Drug, Free! It was inspired by the slogan for the Bufflao, NY "Red Robbon Rally". Musial suggested to Bonnie Swanson, The director, that he help MJ Medina to create the song. It was recorded in May of 2000. In October 2000, Manny and Joy Medina performed it live in front pf 16,000 chilfdren in the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena. The song was then used at a multitude of "DARE" Graduations in New Jersey, including the state conventions (twice).

Prof. Musial introduced himselp to the staff of the "Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey" in their Hoboken office durring this time. He had several meetings with them and suggested the use of music in their school ventures. Much to his pleased surprise, they did and ironically his song "We, Are Drug, Free!" won first place in their first competition (at the Newport Mall in Jersey City, just a few steps away from the studio he composed it in!) This was for the "Hudson County" contest. In 2005 apparently Prof. David Musial's suggestion went on to inpire a state-wide contest. All in goodness!

Kevin "KAYO" Orsino met Prof. Musial, in 2005 when he performed his #1 song for what became a "Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey-Shouts Down Drugs" first state-wide event. KAYO contacted Musial the next day and said he now wrote a song for Smart Trax tirled "I'M Different" (because I do not use DRUGS"!). Prof. Musial went on to produce new versions of the songs and msuic videos for the Smart Trax Media venture.

In 2009 his song was performed 3 times at he DARE International convention in Disney. In 2010 it was performed at the 25th anniversary of the Red Ribbon Ralley in Washington for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The United States Department of Justice pressented Prof. David Musial,( in the presence of Manny & Joy Medina andf other Smart Trax Artists including Kevin "KAYO" Orsino, Londell Wlson & Brady®), a life-time achievement award for: Promoting Positive Messages Through Music.

Professor David Musial, One World Artists, LLC, Smart Trax Media, LLC are not claiming any right to the competition and are not selling any versions owned by the competion: A Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey. Professor Musial is proud to be an inspiration to the venture.