Passion and Resurrection in song and poem


A poetic-musical journey along with Christ following the Way of the Cross was presented by artists gathered in the Polish Theater Institute during the performance "Passion and Resurrection". The recital was staged in several Polish-American places and was welcomed very warmly by the public everywhere.

On Friday, March 23, the artists of the Polish Theater Institute visited the Amber Health Senior Club in Greenpoint, where their poetic and musical resurrection "Passion and Resurrection" was watched by about 80 people who at the end gave a thunderous applause to artists performing on stage.

The soprano Kasia Drucker and Tadeusz Turkowski, the actor of the legendary Warsaw Hybrydy Theater, and accompanying the Polish-American artist David Musial, presented a performance telling musically and poetically about the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The message of this difficult performance arrived in a suitable way to the seniors present in the room, as evidenced by the concentration with which they listened to Tadeusz Turkowski's poems for about 50 minutes, songs sung by Kasia Drucker and Passion songs played by David Musiał. This was also confirmed by their later opinions and applause, which the artists awarded.

"Passion and Resurrection" is one of the performances being part of the project "Therapy through art" of the Polish Theater Institute, which at the Christmas time was already in the Amber Health Club in Greenpoint and was also very popular.

"The idea of ​​this performance is connected with our first joint project on the magic of Polish holidays, after which people asked us when we would return to them with a new performance." That is why we prepared this Easter program "- said Kasia Drucker in a conversation with" Nowy Dziennik ", who not only sang, but also directed and compiled all the material, found the appropriate songs and poems, gathered them together and created the show.

The program begins with the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane and passes through the successive stages of Christ's passion and suffering, and ends with his resurrection.

"On the basis of this arrangement, I began to choose songs and poems to make something similar to the Way of the Cross ended with resurrection" - explains Kasia Drucker. The performance skillfully combined poems written by poets living in different times. The works of, among others, Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński ("Let the bells go silent") and Roman Brandstaetter ("Gethsemani", "Confession of Simon of Cyrene", "Hymn about the Shroud of Turin") or Jan Lechoń ("Easter") appeared. ) and Ernest Bryll ("God rejected this stone"), and even Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski ("Sonnet for the entire Passion of the Lord").

Various Easter and Lenten songs from distant times have also been used musically. There were, among others: "Eli, Eli, Lama Azavtani", "In Monte Oliveti" by Franz Shubert, as well as many church songs sung in Latin and in Polish, such as "Vidit Suum", "Sabat Mater", " Jesus Christ, Lord Kind "," Lord is resurrecting "," Christus Resurexit-Taize ", and even" The sun suddenly went out "by Antonina Krzysztoń.

In spite of this great diversity, everything was in great harmony with each other and constituted a unitary whole in which scenes from the period of Christ's Passion were mixed with the present day. This facilitated the identification of the audience with Christ stepping on his Way of the Cross, what the poems and songs told about, and also facilitated the reception of the message contained in the performance.

"The performance told about the death of Christ and his suffering, but his main message was that each of us can always come back from the winding road of sin and evil deeds, see the light of God, convert and start a new life" - said Kasia Drucker adding that he hopes that artists in this program have brought everyone closer to the passion of Jesus and his victory over death.

The performance "Passion and Resurrection" was also exhibited at Dupont Street Senior Housing and at the Krakus Senior Club in Greenpoint, as well as at the Senior Club of them. St. John Paul II in Manhattan and the church. Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary in Mahwah. "Through this type of performance, we want to show how a rich source of actors and talents is Polonia," said Izabella Laskowska, director of the Polish Theater Institute.

Photo Captions:

Actors of the Polish Theater Institute together with the director of the Amber Health Senior Club. From the left: David Musiał, Izabella Laskowska, Kasia Drucker, Janusz Skowron and Tadeusz TurkowskiPhoto: WOJTEK MAŚLANKA / NEW LOGBOOK

Kasia Drucker and Tadeusz Turkowski during the performance Film: WOJTEK MAŚLANKA / NOWY DZIENNIK