Professional Profile of David Musial
October 2017

David Allan Musial
45-3403 River Drive South, Jersey City, NJ 07310
V-F 201.659.8300 • C 917-626-5956



Employment Interest: Media Production Education and Administration.

Career Description: I am a Professor of Media Arts & Engineering, and a University Administrator. I have over 20 of years of experience. Personally I completed ten years of college education: 4 of these years full-time in graduate school. As a professional musician, I have produced/directed a variety of choirs and stage shows from schools to churches, sports arenas and aircraft carriers, the “Hall of Heroes” in the Pentagon to Disney! I have contributed to over 100 albums in my discography, over 400 TV show entries, photography, graphic, video & film production credits. The Bachelors Degree Curriculum I founded, earned second place in America as “Most Innovative” at I produced the theme to the “Take A Stand” campaign, which earned an Emmy Award for the United States Department of Education on MTV. Erie Community College in Buffalo, NY, presented me the “Alumni-of-the-Year” award. Music Technology students at NYU presented me the “Professor-Of-The-Year” award. In 2010 the U.S. Department of Justice, presented me a lifetime achievement award, for “Promoting Positive Music” to our youth, in the headquarters of the National Drug Enforcement Administration. In October 2014, I was honored with the distinguished “Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame” award.

My college grads have made the Top of Billboard Charts, work at major Record Labels, Animation Companies and National TV Networks, and one recently composed the music for a TV commercial for a world-wide product leader. I taught courses in Music, Arts & Theater Appreciation at Kenmare, the “York Street Project” in Jersey City, as a special Media Arts producer. I inspired their first anthem and created a music video for them. I am interested in university academic admissions, communications, marketing and recruiting as well as stewardship. I will always have a passion to teach a course or two in Music, Radio & Video Production. My college grads now work at ABC TV, SPIN, Rolling Stone, TIME, NYC Radio Stations, Century 21, etc. They have received record deals with major labels. Two have received credits on #1 Billboard Chart placements.

I recently taught a course in Music, Arts & Theater Appreciation at Kenmare, the “York Street Project” in Jersey City, as a special Media Arts producer.  I am interested in university academic admissions, communications, marketing and recruiting as well as stewardship. I will always have a passion to teach a course or two in Music, Radio & Video Production. I have worked with Dave Brubeck, Rebbie Jackson (Michael’s sister) N’Kenge (Motown on Broadway), Ray Romano, Melanie, Janice Hendrix (sister to Jimi), Joseph Brooks (You Light Up My Life), Bill Lewis (Cherish, The Wedding Song, Laverne & Shirley TV Theme), Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block) "SOUTHIE" Movie theme,, Brady®, N'kenge, NextGen Stars® ,The Beach Boys and more.

-Continual Music & Visual Technology seminars to remain "current" in the industry.
-Graduate studies, New York University, Full Scholarship, Music Technology & Sound Design, 1992
-Graduate studies, The Juilliard School of Music, Full Sponsorship, Orchestration & Electronic Music,1988
-BASS, SUNY Fredonia, Music Technology, Sound Design & Film, 1984
-BA studies, SUNY Buffalo, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Music
-AOS, Erie Community College, Communications Equipment Technology, TV Production & Electronics-Alumni of the Year Award-1995


-2007 Moog Music  gave One World Artists "BRADY" a "Little Phatty" synth to use on his first album
-2016 ROLI Seaboard
Musial will be creating compositions and NextGen Stars TV show samples with the new "SEABOARD"!

Educational Employment Experience
-2012-Present Private Music Technoloy Consulting
-2012-Present, Founder, MusicTech Kids™, teach music, songwriting & music video production to kids!
-2010-Present, Director: NextGen Stars® curriculum, teach college students to teach MusicTech Kids™
-2017 Consultant, Institute of Audio Research “IAR”, NYC
-2016-2017 Internship Host, Ramapo State College, NJ
-2014-2016, Music Video instructor at Kenmare High School/The York Street Project, Jersey City
-2009-2012, Industry Associate Professor: Music Technology Dept., Stevens Institute Of Technology
-2004-2009, Founding Director: Music Technology Dept., Stevens Institute Of Technology
...Attended and Presented at the College Recruiting Fairs in over 20 cites in America,
...Gave a multitude of presentations for high school students related to college admission,
...Advised many college freshmen
-2010-2012, Director: NextGen Stars® curriculum
-1993-1998, Stevens Institute Of Technology, Adjunct Professor, Multimedia Technology & Music
-1990, Instructor: Sam Ash Music Professional, NYC
-1990-1997, New York University, Adjunct Professor Music Technology, BA & MA level.
-1987-1988, Paid intern for Ciani Musica, Suzanne Ciani. (Performed the first MIDI file for marketing.)
-1982-1990, Audio & Video Engineering Consultant
-1976-1984, Keyboard music instructor.

References: Upon Request,

-Consultant: The One World Artists Group, (One World Artists, LLC).
-Consultant: Smart Trax® Media, LLC, Smart Trax Live Show, Inc, Smart School Fund
-Consultant: The School Of Audio Engineering,"" NYC
-Record Producer & Mastering Engineer with over 100 albums on the market, 2 platinum, over 12,000,000 units.
-Developed & Trained recording artists who have been signed to major label productions.
-Concert Producer, over 250,000 in attendance, 16,000 maximum at one sports arena. (Also composed the music).
-Scored the soundtracks to over 400 cartoons: Created voices, Music & Sound FX.
-Scored music for Motion Pictures, Television Shows, TV Commercials, Radio Spots, Theme Parks & Video Games.
-Directed & Produced over 50 music videos, many air on TV and also on concert stages across the Nation.
-Executive Producer for the Soundtrack for “Honestly Abe”, an Off-Broadway Musical about President Lincoln.
-Performed the first MIDI file to ever be commercially sold: “The Velocity Of Love” by “Suzanne Ciani”,
Hal Leonard Music Publishing, NYC 1988.
-Executive Producer for Produced a live show on the U.S.S. Aircraft Carrier “The WASP”
and 2 shows on SIRIUS XM Radio for this charity for Soldiers with high school & College age performers.
-Inspired and launched the student division of the Bob Moog Foundation, 2007. Created video interviews with
Grammy winning and multi-platinum music producers like “Phil Ramone.
-Selected to be the first private Master’s student at NYU for the most well known Electronic Music Synthesist:
Wendy Carlos, who created “Switched On Bach” and many other artistic masterpieces.
-Produced toe character voices for The MAD SCREEN BOX on the world’s first 4K Ultra HD TV Network.
-Director of Music Division, Manhattan Model Search including hosting live shows at convention centers.
-Board Of Directors: Kirstin Brooks Hope Center, "Pick Up The Phone" tour 2010-2011.
-Board Of Directors: The 9/11 Helping Hand Foundation, The New York Will Never Forget Walk-A Thon.
-Consultant to record producers & pop stars at Sam Ash Professional, NYC.
-Installed media systems at corporations like Time Warner, NYC & Tower Records, Lincoln Center NYC.
-Post Production Engineer, New York Sound where I worked on projects for NASA, VH-1, Hello America
-Technical Director, Daybreak TV Productions, including the design of the full facility, Buffalo, NY.
-Designed multiple websites. (
-Radio Producer, WHLD shows, Buffalo, NY.
-FCC Radio License WB2ALD.

Emmy, Silver Cindy, 2 Scholarships, US-DOJ & US Young Marines Award, College Alumi, Parishioner-of-the-Year,
Best Instructor-NYU, Best College Program SCHOLASTIC, DARE, NYS-PTA, United Nations, White House

2015  Producing the NextGen Stars® TV Series
2015 Producing the documentary: "Miss Bernadine:Theatrical Visionary"
2015 Videography for the documentary: "The 25th Anniversary of ther" (by the Statue of Liberty)
2015 Recorded the Live Cast Album & Video for "Find The Golden Bird" at the NYC Thespis Festival
2015 Videography "Come Back One More Time " BROADWAY CARES Tribute at the Citigroup "Alvin Ailley" American Dance Theater in NYC.
2013-2014 Produced albums and music videos for Brady®, King Fish Man, Carol Lester, The York Street Project and more…
2012 The Most Innovative College Music Programs Changing the Industry in America: Designed by Prof. Musial (’03-‘12).
2012 The New York State Parent Teachers Association endorsed Musial’s Smart Trax Media music videos as a fund-raiser.
2011 FOX TV featured the Project Eleven venture
2010 Positive Message Through Music" award from the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration.
2009 DARE International endorsed the Smart Trax Media ventures in Disney
2009 U.S. Department of Defense honor in the “Hall Of Heroes” for his song “Impact”. PENTAGON.
2009 Endorsed to run for the Jersey City Board of Education by Councilman Steven Fulup, (now Mayor of Jersey City)
2008 Scholastic, the largest academic publisher in America, approved Smart Trax Media content for their magazine paid contests.
2008 Letter from Mayor Bloomberg & The White House for "Brave New American Heroes" inducted: National Registry for 9/11 Memorial.
2008/2009-Best Recording Studio in Jersey City
2008 Produced “I Want It Again ”by Bill Lewis with Motown/Broadway Star “N’Kenge” and “Brady”
2008 Endorsed by the Jersey City Board of Education and started producing Smart Trax Live shows in schools
2007 Launched the Student Division of the Bob Moog Foundation
2006 United States Young Marines Gold & Silver Medals: Positive Message Music Production, national convention
2005 Launched Stevens Multimedia, LLC and Castle Point Records, a student operated company.
2004 Song of the Year, " Award. A Partnership for A Drug Free America & "The United Way.
2003 Smart Trax endorsed by the new York City “Reality Check” Smoking and the national venture
2002 Song of the Year, Acknowledgement Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD.2001-
2001 Song of the year for A Partnership for a Drug Free America and the New Jersey chapter.
2000 Produced the music for the “Red Ribbon Rally” 16,000 Middle School Students at the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena
1998 Governor's Emmy Award, soundtrack theme, "Fight For Your Rights: Take A Stand Against Violence"-
......... MTV and the United States Department of Education
1988 Silver Cindy Award soundtrack theme, "Fight For Your Rights: Take A Stand Against Violence", MTV.
1996 American Association of Colleges Outstanding Alumni of the year award, Nomination ECC-Buffalo.
1995 Erie Community College Alumni of the Year Award.
1995 Erie Community College, 50th anniversary, year -long endorsee with full media campaign exposure.
1995 New York Times article and Business Week article, Recording Magazine article & Roland Magazine feature.
1995 Parishioner of the Year Award, Saints Peter and Paul Church, Hoboken, NJ
1995 The United Nations used the song “Spread Peace All Over The World’ produced by Musial for the 50th Anniversary
1995 Letter from President Clinton in the White House for the song “Earthquake” reflecting by teens, on the WTC catastrophe.
1994 Keyboard Magazine Feature for Sound Design at the world’s largest Omnimax Cinema, Liberty Science Center
1993-1997, Four Best Professor awards, student government, New York University.
1991 Pi Kappa Lambda membership for university teaching excellence.
1990 “Brammy Award” for producing the vocals for a national TV commercial for Nabisco/Oreos with Motown legend “Chubby Checkers”
1990 Full teaching Fellowship to New York University for second masters in Music Technology
1988 Made the first MIDI file ever to be published/sold. “The Velocity of Love” by Suzanne Ciani.
1987 Full private sponsorship to The Juilliard School of Music and New York University for Doctoral studies.
1981 Award of Merit-The National Dean’s List.
1979-present, a multitude of newspaper & magazine articles involving my work.