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Prof. Musial at SkyRoom

Prof. Musial inspires

Prof. Musial Student

Keyboard Recording 95

Musial Composes Winner

New York University NEWS 2015

Musial Produces-Son

Musial Produces-Father

Musial produces songs
with N'Kenge

Musial manages and produces
songs and shows for Brady®

Prof. Musial mentored Ken Bachor
during his Bachelors degree studies
Daybreak TV Studio Awards
Facility Designed by Musial

Erie Community College
Alumni-Of-The- Year Award
Weekly Press and 50th Anniversary Endorsement
Billboards all over WNY State

More Articles
3/30/18 The Polish Daily News: USA Cover Feature Story: Concert Tour in the NYC Area (Polish & English)
12/16/17 The Guardian News: One World Artists "King fish Man" releases single
6/12/16 Jersey City Reporter, Carol Lester "The Bubble Queen" Music produced by David Musial
2/1/16 Riverview Observer. The Stevens Music Technology program update- founded by Prof. David Musial 2004 Prof. David Musial created the original Sound Synthesis Research Center concept in 2004.
1/8/16 Guardian News, Canada  Timmy & Brady Cudmore, produced and managed by Musial
11/5/15 Angels Like Rebels Record Label Launch: Musial is a producer
10/25/15 BroadJam invites David Musial to be a Professional Reviewer
5/1/15 Buffalo News "Buffalo Spree-Forever Young" Feature
2/1/15 New York University Alumni News
1/21/15 ABC TV News: Ken Bachor (Advisee Alumni Student of Prof. Musial)
11/21/14 BILLBOARD MAGAZINE #1 Song: Noriel Valdes, Prof. Musial student and advisee, assists this success.
10/11/14 President of VH1 (previous president of MTV) also in inducted to the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame
10/1/14 New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs 2014 Competition:
(Musial's Smart Trax artist "MJ Medina" won in 2004, "KAYO" in 2005, and inspired growth)
10/9/14 Buffalo News Music Critic, Jeff Miers
10/2/14 Buffalo News: David Musial with the president of VH1 wins the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Award
10/2/14 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame-Summary with VIDEO
10/1/14 "The Leader" SUNY@Fredonia (David earned his degree in Record Production in 1984
9/4/14 WBFO Public Radio - Interview (apx 5:00 Min) Take A Stand/Cartoons/Church Performers
9/4/14 WBFO Public Radio-Professor Focus
8/13/14 WBFO Public Radio
8/13/14 Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Induction, Buffalo News, 8/13/14
2/9/14 King Fish Man- Album- Ottawa Business Journal, Canada-Produced by Musial
1/10/14 King Fish Man -Album - The Guardian News, P.E.I, Canada-Produced by Musial
9/24/13 King Fish Man - EP - The Guardian News, P.E.I. Canada-Produced by Musial
2/8/13 THE BEST COLLEGES: The Most Innovative College Music Programs Changing the Industry
Prof. David Musial designs the #2 Program in America (2003-2012)
2/1/13 State University of NY @ Fredonia Alumni News
1/4/13 Artist discovered and managed & produced by Musial in Canadian News
12/13/12 Best Colleges Award
8/17/12 Stevens Views: Prof Musial Term Completion Bio
5/31/12 West Seneca, NY BEE (Buffalo/Niagara Falls) Musial mentored band- US WASP Concert
5/23/12 New York Magazine- Musial mentored Artist "Brady" #1 out of 5,000 Professional Entertainers
5/24/12 Jersey Journal- Project Eleven US WASP Concert
5/22/12 Project Eleven on the US WASP-Stevens News
5/16/12 Southern Ulster Times- Musial mentored artist- US WASP Concert
1/20/12 The Music Producer promo video (Miami)
12/30/11 The Guardian: Brady® feature, (Musial is the executive producer)
12/19/11 The Riverview Observier: Brady® feature
(Musial is the executive producer)
11/17/16 Project Eleven: Jersey Journal
11/12/16 Project Eleven: River View Observer
11/11/11 Project Eleven on FOX (VIDEO)
11/10/11 Project Eleven on FOX
10/31/11 Stevens Views: Prof. Musial produces "Project Eleven"
10/16/11 PROJECT ELEVEN: Hoboken Reporter
10/14/10 Stevens Views: Professor Musial produces a "Smart Trax Live" show in the D.E.A. National Headquarters
9/19/11 Stevens Institute Of Technology, College of Arts and Letters NEWS.
9/1/11 The Midweek Reporter "Brave New American Heroes 10th Anniversary Cover feature
5/19/11 The Midweek Reporter "SpeckTrum Band" Premiere-Cover feature "Music With A Cause"
3/4/11 Stevens Institute of Technology News- Musial's student "Dan Smith" hits #1 on the "BILLBOARD" Charts!
2/27/11 BILLBOARD MAGAZINE #1. Prof. Musial Student Dan Smith places #1
2/14/11 Yahoo News - Musial Mentored Artists- Doritos
Super Bowl TV Commercial
11/12/10 Riverview Observer- Smart Trax in Washington
10/14/10 Stevens Institute Of Technology University News: Prof. Musial-Red Ribbon Kick Off, Washington
10/19/10 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) National Headquarters: AWARD
10/15/10 Stevens CAL News: Prof. Musial produces a "Smart Trax Live" show in the "Hall of Hereos" The Pentagon
The Hoboken Reporter/
The Jersey Journal, artist produced and managed by Musial Headlines a Cityfest!
The Jersey Journal, artist produced and managed by Musial performs
HUDSON (River) Midweek Reporter, Feature about BRADY & Musial (NYC/NJ)
West Seneca Bee, WESTERN NY State, (Buffalo/Niagara Falls), Cover Story/Feature
Riverview Observer, NYC Area Hudson River Gold Coast from George Wash. Bridge to Statue of Liberty
Hoboken Progress, Cover Feature Story: "Meet the Mile Square Music Man", Brady, Smart Trax
2/11/10 Stevens-College Of Arts and Letters- U.S. Marshalls
"Be GREAT", theme by Prof. Musial
The Guardian, Canada: Brady™ (Cudmore)
"Brady" was trademarked in the U.S. by One World Artists. LLC
The Observer, WNY/Dunkirk/Fredonia: Cover Feature Story
10/23/09 "Hall Of Heroes": PENTAGON TV
ABC TV, Northern California: Smart Trax/Brady
The Daily News, Northern California: Smart Trax, Musial, Brady™
The Jersey Journal, Newport Neighborhood Assocition, "Jersey City" Song by Musial
The Guardian, Canada: Brady Cudmore/PENTAGON//Castle Point Records/Music Industry 101™
7/21/09 DARE International Convention in DISNEY
NJ12 TV News: Smart Trax/Brady "Amazing Lady Liberty Song"
The Jersey Journal, Animal Rights, "Guitar Heroes": Smart Trax, Brady™ & Ben Clifford
The Buffalo News: TEEN SENSATION, Brady & Smart Trax
The Jersey Journal: I Have a Real Dream. Brady/Christina-Smart Trax,
U.S. Marshals "G.R.E.A.T." Graduation
The Guardian, Canada: "Telling His Story"... Brady/Smart Trax
The Guardian, Canada: Brady/Smart Trax... "All The Right Moves"
The Guardian, Canada: Brady... "New Jersey's Newest Music Sensation"
9/11 Memorial Museum: Smart Trax/Musial Inagurated with Letters from the White House
The Jersey Journal, artist produced and managed by Musial sing "Amazing Lady Liberty" by Musial
The Guardian, Canada: Brady/Smart Trax... "Taking The Next Step"
The Guardian, Canada: Brady... Best of 2007
The Guardian, Canada: Brady... "Finding His Voice"
11/07-14 A Collection of features related to Musial 2007-2014
10/10/07 Bob Moog Foundation Video interviews of high profile industry Execs: Inspired by Pro. Musial
The Jersey Journal, Jersey City Song (Cover Feature) "The Amazing Lady Liberty"
5/21/07 Orchaed Park Citizen: Musial Career update
5/07 Stevens Institute Of Technology 2007-2008 Viewbook:
Mucic Technology Program founded by Prof. Musial
12/08/06 The Stute: Castle Point Records and the "Electro-Cultural Combustion"... Mini Midi Magic Orchestra
8/22/06 World Trade Center Foundation inducts Musial's Composition & Video "Brave New American Heroes"
ESPRIT, Young Marines National Magazine: Smart Trax Live at the national convention
10/21/05 The Stute-Stevens Institute Of Technology-Launch of Castle Point Records-inspired by Musial
6/05 Stevens Institute Of Technology 2004-2005 Annual Report:
Castle Point Records-Inspired by Prof. Musial
6/05 Riverview Observer-Metro NYC: Multimedia Producer & Composer
4/20/05 HUDSON Current Cover feature-Castle Point Records Launch
1/28/05 The Stute-Stevens Institute of Technology- Launch of Musial's Music Technology BA Program
9/26/04 United Way Feature's Smart Trax and song by Musial
9/04 Stevens Institute Of Technology-Launch of Musial's Music Technology BA Program
9/11/03 West Seneca NY BEE- Musial's Song "Brave New American Heroes"
8/03 Newport, JC, NJ Smart Trax Promo
4/24/04 #1 Song for A Partnership For A Drug Free America
4/02 NJ Star Ledger-Smart Trax-MJ Medina
7/01 NYU Pi Kappa Lambda Induction
6/01 Jersey Journal-Smart Trax-MJ Medina "Pop With A Point"
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10/12/00 We, Are, Drug, Free" CD Release
10/12/00 Buffalo-Cheektowaga News, SMART TRAX-MJ Medina, 16,000 Kids
6/00 Jersey Journal-Smart Trax-MJ Medina "Riding Musical Talent to Stardom"
2/28/00 Jersey Journal-Smart Trax-MJ Medina "Stars Shine"
2/11/00 Entertainment Wekly: Girl Fight Movie-Michelle Rodriguez/Santiago Douglas.
Musial was a song production producer in the deveopment stage.
9/99 The Stute-Stevens Institute of Technology • U.S. Dept of Ed/MTV Emmy for Musial
1998 Emmy Award: MTV/United States Department of Education-TAKE A STAND Campaign
12/97 NYU Today-ABC TV NYC Headquarters-Audio Post Production student tour
6/96 Intelligent Gammer Magazine: Esoteria 3 video game sound design by David Musial
4/96 Business Week Magazine: Music Technology in a Liturgical Setting
12/95 New York Times, Music Technology integration into a liturgical setting
3/95 Moulton Labs- SkyRoom Studio Design
7/95 RECORDING Magazine: SkyRoom Studio featured for excellence-
Feature by Musial's Mentor Dave Moulton
5/95 NEW YORK TIMES • Successfully integration of Music Technology in NYC Area Church
3/95 Erie Community College Alumi-Of-The-Year AND 50th Anniversary Presitigious Honor
11/94 RECORDING Magazine • Consultant
7/94 KEYBOARD Magazine: Sound Design to the Max for the Kodak-Statue of Liberty Science Center
9/94 ROLAND Synthesizer Corp Magazine-National Education Foundation• Virtual Classroom Sound Design
3/94 Bridgeport, CT News: Musial produced original music and stage show for a Youth Fest.
5/93 NYU Undergraduate Student Awards Banquet: Prof. Musial-Distinguished Presentor
4/93 NYU Today-ABC TV NYC Headquarters-
Audio Post Production student tour
5/92 NYU Undergraduate Student Awards Banquet: Prof. Musial-Distinguished Presentor
4/92 NYU Advanced Computer Music Concert
12/6/90 Buffalo, NY Press: Musical Career Works For Musial
1/17/88 "Making It In Buffalo" (Buffalo News feature whcih was published after Musial moved to NYC)
4/87 Modern Liturgy Magazine: Synthesizers and Music Technology in Church
1987 "Musical Career Works For Musial...
Triad Path To Success In The Big City"
11/1984 Buffalo News- "Snow Queen Musical" at Shea's Buffalo, David Musial-Sound Designer
6/84 Buffalo Press-3rd Album Release by David Musial (Senior Project SUNY@Fredonia)
8/82 Buffalo News-2nd Album Release by Michelle Marchiloi, Produced by David Musial
1981 Buffalo News-1st Album Release by Saint John Vianney Folk Group, Produced by David Musial
1979 Saint John Vianney Folk Group- David's First album to produce as a student (age 19)
1978 Orchard Park Suburban Press: Musial's first SOLO Nightclub Gig announcements
1975 FCC Radio License at age 15
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