MJ Medina

A Song Of Hope
for victims of 9-11


Biography by David Musial • Executive Producer
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Medina's are a truly gifted and dedicated bilingual, Latino brother and sister team, sort of like a "Donnie and Marie" for the next generation. (16& 14 years old, English & Spanish, from the Metro NYC area.) They Act, Sing, Dance, Write Songsand have their own nightly PRIME TIME TV Show in NYC & Miami too. At the Red Ribbon Rally, MJ were the featured act and peformed their new Hip Hop anthem.... "We, Are, Drug, Free!" as well as their song "I'll Be Here For You" and the title track of the new "Skate Danceª" album. They had 150,000+ people in concert since October, 2000. MJ are on the platinum "Take A Stand" Emmy Awarded album from MTV, have been featured on many TV shows and are the stars of over 100 cartoons! In june 2000, MJ released their solo album "Let's Just Hang" and have many songs on Skate Dance! MJ recently performed for the "D.A.R.E" convention in Atlantic City and received a standing ovation! Their new album "Go With The Flo" is scheduled for a November 2002 release

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MJ in concert for 16,000

MJ at HSBC Arena
MJ singing "We, Are, Drug, Free"
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