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MJ Medina (Manny & Joy Medina, 20 & 18, are a dynamic Latino/Spanglish, brother & sister performance duo that write, sing, rap, act & dance songs with very strong positive & fun messages. MJ have 3 albums out:"Go With The Flo!", Let's Just Hang, and they are the stars of "".

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Since October 2000, MJ have performed their songs live for over 250,000 children and have been interviewed by many newspapers. MANNY & JOY have hosted over 250 live music TV shows in NYC since 2002 and will now host a national show on the new Spanglish Music Video Network, CTV-24 out of Miami, produced by Gabriel Martinez. MJ star as voice actors in over 100 cartoons and worked on an Emmy Awarded project on MTV! Their HipHop Hit "We, Are, Drug, Free!" took the number one place for a "Partnership For A Drug Free America"! They have since been endorsed by the New York City Board of Health, the NYC School District and even the United Way! Recently Manny performed on MTV!

Joy just earned a 100% scholarship to college! Go Joy, Joy! :-)

MJ have also been featured on a variety of television news programs in New York City/New Jersey, Hollywood, Miami & Western New York State areas. UPN 9 featured MJ on broadcast on New Years Day in New York City. "LA TV Live" (which is more popular than MTV in California), invited MJ to perform 3 songs as well as an interview as the featured guest on July 30, 2001. "Jersey's Talking" featured MJ on May 8, 2001, for the News 12 Network which covers the entire state of New Jersey and talked specifically about MJ's work with DARE AMERICA. MJ were also interviewed on the TV show "Live Edition" on NJ 12 on June 23, 2001. Recently MJ were asked to perform at the release of a new fragrance for "Liz Claiborne, while MJ was shooting a music video in the streets of Hollywood!

MJ were the featured act for a massive crowd of 16,000 children at the "Red Ribbon" anti drug & violence rally that took place in Buffalo, NY on October 17, 2000. MJ were asked by Ms. Bonnie Swanson, the director, to write the song "We, Are, Drug, Free!" for this event. MJ were interviewed on the ABC, NBC & CBS television affiliates for their work at this rally and were also interviewed during drive time on "STAR 102.5 FM" in Buffalo for the same event. This was the World Premiere of the official "" Album & Tour.

MJ have performed educational assembly concerts which were designed by award winning educator/multimedia producer: David Musial, (a.k.a. Dr.D). Several of the schools played the song "We, Are, Drug, Free!" in the classrooms prior to the concert day, and the children started to sing the chant BEFORE MJ even took the stage! MJ have been invited to give the same assembly concerts all of next year, to middle schools in New York City. (David Musial was a professor at NYU & Stevens Tech University . He did his Doctoral studies in music technology & psychology at NYU, as well as the Juilliard School of music, under full teaching scholarship/sponsorships. Now as the CEO of "The One World Artists Group", Musial dedicates his efforts full time, promoting the positive message, musical performance careers of MJ Medina.) MJ studied vocal performance with the late, great, Mario Lisanti who also taught a variety of amazing opera enthusiasts like Phoebe Snow. They also studied with Terry Taylor, who has sung with Whitney Houston, Lenny Kravitz & Prince. MJ train for stage with master choreographer, Danilo Sobers, who also trained Mariah Carey, Boys II Men & L.L. Cool J! He works them relentlessly 5 to six days per week, and it shows!

Musial was honored with the request by a record company in 1995, to produce a song titled "Spread Peace All Over The World". Manny sang in the chorus of this song at the young age of just 8. The song was used by the United Nations for the 50 th anniversary. In 1998, Musial was asked by Ms. Donna Crawford, the director for the "National Center for Conflict Resolution Education", (NCCRE), to write the theme to the soundtrack for the "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence" enhanced CD. It was to be funded by the United States Department of Education & Justice and to be distributed for free to anyone in the nation by MTV. Major artists like "The Back Street Boys, Lauryn Hill, Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos. Method Man, Beastie Boys" and even "Green Day" contributed songs to this CD. The entire campaign won an Emmy Award in 1999! The song is used in the score to the 5 educational videos that are on this CD and in the credit roll. Now MJ Medina have re-recorded a brand new, updated version with several amazing back up vocalists including Terry Taylor who has sung with superstars like "Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz & "Prince”. MJ use the performance mix of this version in all of their "D.A.R.E." related concerts and the children love it! The new album (9/2001) contains an awesome re-make of the song by STYX called "Babe”, (Terry joins in) and also has an incredible title track "Go With The Flo" that MJ co-wrote with "Castillo", a the hot Latino producer. Castillo has worked at the "Hit Factory"/NYC with such notables as Whitney Houston, Baby Face, Prince, Brian McKnight and also Mariah Carey.

On April 17, the New Jersey D.A.R.E. organization invited MJ Medina to perform their anthem "We, Are, Drug, Free!" and "Take A Stand - Stop The Violence" for a convention hall full of D.A.R.E Officers in Atlantic City. MJ received an incredible standing ovation. They were immediately overwhelmed by request by the officers to "come" to their D.A.R.E. events. Many suggested that the song "We, Are, Drug, Free!" become an anthem for D.A.R.E. One World Artists Management has received approximately 30 appearance requests from this event, several have already been performed. MJ have also been invited by "A Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey" to write the song and appear in a public service TV commercial announcement as the singers/actors for the spot!

Some Recent MJ Highlights...

• MJ were interviewed on the famous talk show "Jerseys' Talking" which was a cablecast for the entire state of New Jersey and was repeated 6 times throughout the week.

• MJ performed & were interviewd on the "Live Edition" of News 12 for the same network. This too was repeated 6 times! Go MJ!

• On Manny's 15th Birthday, Army Tanks passed by and paratroopers dropped out of the sky in front of MJ just as they finished their 3rd song (SkateDance) for yet another D.A.R.E. graduation, this time in rural Sparta, NJ (near NYC.)

• MJ performed for a huge crowd of 11,000 people at the PNC Bank Arts Center (formally the Garden State Arts Center) for the "SMART-T Jamboree. MJ were joined by a cast of 15 dancers.

• MJ performed for the suburban township of Little Falls, NJ (About 30 min from NYC) . The performance was amazing and over forty children requested MJ CD's with the "hiphop anthem", "We, Are, Drug Free!" within the first 10 minutes after the show. Hundreds asked for autographs.

• MJ gave two concerts at the Jersey City Music Fest in front of the #1 Radio Station in the Nation. They were awesome!

• MJ performed for the urban D.A.R.E. graduation at Asbury Park, NJ. The audience was about 90% African American. Their performance was amazing and was so well received that MJ had to do 3 encores of the song "Skate Dance" and signed hundreds of autographs!

• MJ were featured (FULL PAGE with color photos), in the Jersey Journal newspaper (again).

• On June 24, MJ performed with an actor from "The Sopranos" & the star of the Sony Motion Picture: "Girl Fight", Santiago Douglas. They sang a Spanglish version of their songs "I Need You/Te Necessito" at the International Latino Music Festival, held in Hoboken, NJ. MJ also sang En Mis Brassos (In My Arms) and Subliminal Techno.

• MJ will be attending the National D.A.R.E. Convention at the LA Convention Center.

MJ are also actors! Manny has starred in performances of "Fame" and "Grease" in the NYC area. Joy also performed in both. MJ have studied vocal and actingh coaching with Roger Ansanelli, who often appears on "Saturday Night Live" and is currently starring in a new movie. They sing the theme song to 3 cartoons and also the theme for a new children's TV show called Drew's Famous Magical Juke Box with Roger as well! . They have starred as voice over actors for over 100 cartoons already! (The Yokies, Beachdog, Magica & Tombik & B.B.) They are also the featured artists on the song "Frosty the Snowman" for a new Christmas CD and are featured in the song "Brand New Key" on the "Kid Power" CD that is on the "Turn Up The Music"-"Drew's Famous Party Music" record label. (

One World Artists Management has had numerous conversations and a meeting with the "Rollerblade™" division of "Beneton Sports Systems". Rollerblade is producing 5 concerts in the New York City area called "Rockin Rollerblade" this August (including Central Park). Mr. Eric Peterson, director of entertainment for the NYC parks commission, via Rollerblades' recommendation, has invited MJ to perform at all 5 events. DJ's from the #1 dance music station in the nation, KTU 103.5 FM, will be hosting the event. Rollerblade will be sending truckloads of free Rollerblades to use for concert attendees. Last year they reported a crowd of 20,000 to 50,000 at each event! MJ will be there!

MJ Medina will be going on a world tour starting on July 27, when they receive the 1st place award for most hits on the websites for the Network Of Cities Group (500,000 since 10/ MJ will tour US, Europe & Japan over the next year, promoting their 3 CD’s including the new album "Go With The Flo"! For more info, MP3’s, Photos Audio & Video Streams (full screen w/ Windows Media Player & BroadBand) visit...

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