Manny & Joy have created dozens of wild, crazy and sophistocated voices for a variety of cartoons. they also sing the theme song to some as well. They air all over the world. Check with the distribution company for listings.

52 Episodes

The Yokies is about a family of eggs from another planet who were lost in space and ended up on Earth. There's Mama & Papa Yokie,their children-Egstein (12), Egof (8) , Eggie (6), and cousin Evira (12). Every episode explores some type of "scrambled egg" madness as the Yokies learn about the newness of this weird planet called "Earth". David Musial plays both Papa Yokie and Egof, Laryssa plays Mama, Manny Medina is Egstein (a genius!), Joy Medina plays 2 roles, Eggie & Evira. David composed the theme song, David, Manny & Joy Medina, Jessica & Jacquie Devlin sing the following: "We escaped our planet, got lost in space and ended up on Earth. It's different here, it's a stranger pace, then the place of our birth. We're the Yokies, the Yokies, were Eggs prom outer space. We're the Yokies, The Yokies and we're checking out your place. We have a happy Papa Yokie, and a Mama Yokie too, they scrambled us together, and this is what we do... Egof is a rebel, he plays games all day, Evira is our cousin, she has a sassy way, Egie's our baby sister, she's friendly when she's fed and Egstein is a bookworm, he uses his 'egg-head'. We're the Yokies, the Yokies , we're Eggs from outer space. We're the Yokies, The Yokies and we're checking out your place. (c) 1998 One World Media Publishing and SPI Int'l. Students like Michael Chladil, from Stevens Institute of Technology assisted with dialog recording under David, their professor's supervision. Michael Woelfle assisted in the same capacity on some of the early episodes.

26 Episodes

Baydog, a story about dogs who are lifeguards at an amazing place called "Dog City Beach". Baydog is directed by Bob Balser, who also directed the Smurfs. David is actually the "Rick", the lead character voice, Tom Boras the Chairman of the Jazz Music department at NYU , is "Kokan" the lead villain. Robert Wohler, executive VP of One World Media plays the role of "Shelly" a sand crab (the only non-dog character in the entire series). Ruth Kramer plays "Jacqueline" the only female lead, (she's extremely pretty), Roger Ansanelli plays 4 roles- "Mayor", "Felty", "Poor Dog", and "Heave-Ho", Angelo Cerrone plays 3 roles-"Carlo", "Stanely" & "Gustav", Gordon Ballad plays "Whippert & Peke". Manny Medina plays "Corky" and Manny & Joy Medina, Brian & Diane Zubricky, Denice, Jessie & Jacquelyn Devlin, Nick Tate (of Pokoma) and many other very talented One World Associates play the extras!

52 Episodes

This is a story about a twelve-year old girl who travels all throughout our galaxy on an exotic 3-d, animated journey. When Magica and Gossip, a seagull who use to be a sailor reach these planets, they are challenged by all sorts of cool puzzles. G.G. Media is the voice of "Magica". (Jessica Devlin,a 9 year old girl from Buffalo, NY was originally casted, but is was too difficult for her school schedule to come to NYC every week to record, so G.G. kindly provided her wonderful talent instead.) David Musial plays "Gossip" Manny plays the part of Rapid Mouse, a very clever inhabitant of one of the planets. Roger Ansanelli plays "Ant-Eye" a photographer-detective and John Walker plays "G-Whiz" a Wizzard. David scored the music for the promo. Magica is airing in 1999 in South East Asia and soon to come to other countries!

52 Episodes

This cartoon features two little "bees" named "Tombik" and "B.B.", who through the use of challenging puzzles, captivate the young audience. Nick Tate (currently on "Pokemon"), created the voices of two humorous robots named "Chataput & Dude
as well as many of the extras. Tombik & B.B. is airing in 40 countries already including Russia! David Musial composed the theme song, Manny & Joy, Samantha Quartin and several other One World kids sang this theme.

2 Episodes

This is a fun filled real life TV series that teaches kids to sing or dance with a humorous host named "Drew" and a talking juke box named "MJ" (Magical Juke Box... not MJ Medina). It is available at "Party City" stores nationwide. MJ sing in tghe theme song.