Mj at Little Falls D.A.R.E

Detective Joe Calafiore
  "Take A Stand" was originally from the "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND Against Violence" campaign from MTV that won an EMMY AWARD in 1999. David Musial, MJ's executive producer composed & produced the original version. Donna Crawford, the director of the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education invited MJ to be part of the making of this amazing enhanced CD Both Manny & Joy were actors on one of the videos. Manny actually sings on the Theme to the soundtrack. Put the CD in your computer, and whenever you hear "Take A Stand" you will hear Manny's voice joined by 4 additional singers credited as "Forever Chozen". More.
  MJ's new CD called "Go With The Flow" (currently in production, scheduled for September release, will include the new MJ Version that you heard today. A special MJ CD is available for just $17.99 if you wish to have an advance copy within 2 weeks.
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