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MJ Medina Middle School Concerts

MJ at "Iroquis" Middle School
Manny and Joy Medina, the founding "Stars" of Smart Trax,
18 songs/music videos, over 100,000 kids in concert

Sweet Home Concert
Depew Concert
Mill Concert
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Brady Cudmore & Christina Kapushy Events

Brady & Christina at D.A.R.E. NJ 2009
Jersey City Multi-Cultural Festival 6/09
G.R.E.A.T. Graduation, Jersey City, 6/09
Academy MS 1, Jersey City 6/09
STATUE of LIBERTY- Freedom-Multicultural Music Video

Christina Kapushy & Brady Cudmore, 2009

G.R.E.A.T. Graduation with Students from Middle School 4 in Jersey City performing
"Jersey City Is The Melting Pot... Of America" A.K.A. "The Amazing ady Liberty"
By Prof. David Musial with Kevin Orsino (rap verse 1)

Christina & Brady at Academy MS 1 in Greenville, Jersey City, 6/09
Brady Cudmore additional photos

Smart Trax® Live is an award winning, proactive, interactive positive message, educational musical theatre 45 minute middle school assembly presentation. The topics include a variety of issues that guidance counselors, teachers, administrators and parents need to deal with a 9-13 year old child: Drug Abuse, Gangs, Violence, Smoking, Drinking, Nutrition, Suicide, Guns in Schools, Peer Pressure, Safe Recreation and World Peace. Smart Trax was create by Prof. David Musial, a multi-platinum composer, producer and educator, who received a full teaching fellowship for graduate studies in Music Technology at New York University and a full sponsorship at the prestigious Juilliard School Of Music. Prof. Musial is the founding director of the Music Technology program at Stevens Institute of Technology and is the director of the student division of the Bob Moog Foundation. Musial began his professional music career as a pipe organist at the age of 10. He has worked on over 100 albums, 400 TV shows including cartoons, TV commercials and motion pictures. Musial has produced a multitude of TV shows and music videos. He has directed stage shows and choirs, especially children's choirs, and has performed with a philharmonic orchestra. Prof. Musial was commissioned by the United States Department of Education in 1998 to created the theme song and the audio post production for at "Fight For Your Rights, "TAKE A STAND" against violence" campaign, which was created by the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE), which went on to earn an Emmy Award for MTV. All of this gave birth to the amazing peer-to-peer concept titled
Smart Trax®.

The Smart Trax Live Show has a multi-cultural national cast of 30 professionals from all over North America including Canada, who are featured in the music videos on the DVD's and also projected live on stage, while a cast of four very talented LOCAL artists perform the songs and act. Many of the artists have earned awards: MJ Medina earned #1 for A Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey, Kevin Orsino earned #1 for A Partnership for A Drug Free New Jersey, Ashley Avis earned "Miss Teen Model of the Universe", Briane Hearn (He Took A Gun) hosted the famous "All That" with Britney Spears' younger sister for Nickelodeon TV, La Shawn Small won fisrt place two times "Live at the Apollo", Brady Cudmore was selected for a national album for suicide prevention with the rock superstars "Journey", "R.E.M." and "Third Eye Blind", several have auditioned for American Idol.

The songs are arranged in a variety of styles so there is just about something for any music preference on the project. The presentation is like a "Braodway Show" where crafty skits, with a touch of humor, tie the most important parts of songs with the strongest messages. The show concludes with a question/answer period where your students get to speak to the performers. In some districts, the same performers may appear later that day at a local roller or skating rink or youth center, where the students can here more songs and maybe even meet them. Smart Trax artists become positive role models for the students.

Smart Trax shows and songs have earned a multitude of impressive endorsements from kids and parents, teachers, principals and even mayors of cities including Mayor Bloomberg in NYC. The board of directors includes teachers, principals, doctors, attorneys & academic administrators. Smart Trax has been used and endorsed by The United Nations (Spread Peace All Over The World was played at the 50th anniversary), The "Promedicus" HMO, by DARE America (we have performed at dozens of DARE Graduations and even at a state convention), by A Partnership for a Drug Free America (We, Are, Drug, Free! was #1 and was performed live at the national convention in NYC in 2004), MADD and ("Everything's A Blur"), The Young Marines, The United Way, [1-800-SUICIDE] (Don't Go Away), and even the White House, (Brave New American Heroes was inaugurated into the World Trade Center memorial in 2008 and First Lady Laura Bush sent Prof. Musial a letter of praise!)

The Script

Some Endorsements...


MJ's performance for 16,000 middle school children at the the Red Ribbon Rally, proved that their message was clear, effective and extremely contemporary, because the massive crowd immediately began to proclaim "We, Are, Drug, Free!" with MJ, indirectly realizing the power of the message from "peer to peer". Bonnie Swanson, Director, Buffalo, NY

"We have found some new friends in Smart Trax"! Col. Michael Kessler, National Exec utive Director of the Young Marines. Story page 1 page 2 page 3

"On behalf of the LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER (across from the Statue of Liberty), I am extending our sincerest thanks for performances well done by MJ Medina, April 6th & April 7th (2002) for the United Nations Global Health Fair. The reception and feedback since the performances have all been excellent. The positive messages of health, self-awareness and anti-violence that MJ Medina sent through their songs fit perfectly with the goals of that weekend. I must also note that the values of inspiring excitement and awe are ones that Liberty Science Center shares with MJ Medina. Congratulations on a successful run, that left an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION on Liberty Science Center! Maura B. Thompson, Science & Arts Coordinator, LSC.

"I knew right away that they were a hit when I saw MJ in Atlantic City! MJ's performance was incredible, motivating & exciting!", D.A.R.E. Officer Joe Drossel, Sparta, NJ.

"Amazing, please come back next year", Detective Jerry Hamlin, Director: SMART-T Jam against drugs, violence and alcohol abuse. 11,000 kids.

" MJ performed here and I thought all of the ethnic diversity was just fascinating, Music makes you feel good. Music makes you feel like everything’s going to be “OK.” It takes you to a different place. I think it was part of the healing to not focus on being sad, but just focus on the beat of the music, comrodory, the positive messages of music and what you saw in Smart Trax Live!... Janice Hazelcorn, Camp Haze for children who lost loved ones on 9/11. The 2002 show.

"MJ were on of the best groups I have ever seen, they are unbelievable, fantastic, their songs are pro-children!", D.A.R.E. Officer Joe Califiore


• Manny & Joy Medina are an extremely gifted brother & sister, Latino performance team. They sing, dance, compose, act, model, make graphics and they are even the stars of over 100 cartoons already as voice over actors who even sing the theme songs. They were involved with the famous "Fight for your rights: TAKE A STAND against violence" campaign that was created by the U.S. Departments of Education & Justice and the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education. The project was promoted by MTV and the campaign won an Emmy Award in 1999. Manny sang the theme song and both Manny & Joy were actors involved with the project. MJ have given a multitude of concerts for the "D.A.R.E." organization since 2001 performing the songs "Take A Stand: Stop The Violence", "We, Are, Drug, Free!" and "Skate Dance" for over 250,000 children already. MJ have been featured on a variety of TV and Radio shows as well as newspapers (see bio). The have been endorsed by MADD, the New York City Board of health "Reality Check' program and by the United Way. In the Sping of 2004, their song "We, Are, Drug, Free!" became #1 for "A Partnership for a Drug Free America"! In the Spring of 2006, some of their music videos were used in a presentation for the "RED RIBBON" office at the PENTAGON! Joy recently earned a FULL 100% scholarship to the prestigious "Steven Institute of Technology where she will major in Music & Business.

The Songs...

All songs composed, produced and all videos directed by Prof. David Musial unless sited.

TAKE A STAND Anti-violence, R&B/HipHop, MJ Medina, co-composed by Forever Chozen

Prof. Musial was commissioned by the United States Department of Education in 1998 to create the theme song and the audio post production for at "Fight For Your Rights, "TAKE A STAND" against violence" campaign, which was create by the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE), which went on to earn an Emmy Award for MTV.

WE, ARE, DRUG, FREE! Drug Abuse, HipHop, MJ Medina, co-composed by MJ Medina, co-produced by Biddy Q Valdez

In 2000, Bonnie Swanson was the director of public relations of an HMO titled "Promedicus" in Western New York State, and was producing an anti-drug rally for 16,000 middle school students at the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena. Their theme was "We Are Drug Free!". She asked if MJ Medina possibly had a song related to the sensitive topic of "drug abuse"? Prof. Musial said "no, but we could write one." On our way back to NYC, this song was inspired and in 2004 it became #1 for a Partnership For A Drug Free America, culminating with a live performance at the national convention in New York City. The music video aired a multitude of times on stage shows for thousands and on TV. (While recording this music video in the public streets of Hoboken with middle school actors, Prof. Musial was stopped twice by police. They thought the gang was "real". He was nearly arrested until they learned he was making a music video for Smart Trax, one offered to help!)


BRAVE NEW AMERICAN HEROES, Anti-violence, Pop Ballad, MJ Medina, Terrain Filmore, Biddy Q Valdes, Danilo Sobers

Prof. Musial was painfully inspired to compose this song in between the collapsing of the World Trade Center towers as he watched, listened & smelled in person as he stood on the 35 floor balcony of his SkyRoom Studios facility where he records all of the songs for Smart Trax. He began shooting the video immediately. The parents of MJ Medina asked Musial to set the word to music so his children could use it in High School for classmates who lost loved ones on 9/11. The video concludes when the victory lights were illuminated on 3/11/02. The song has been performed at many 9/11 ceremonies for mayors and other dignitaries. The Young Marines used this song at a national convention, performed by MJ Medina. In the summer of 2008, the music video was inaugurated into the World Trade Center Memorial. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and First Lady Laura Bush sent a letter of congratulations from the White House! (The irony in this video, when Prof. Musial was taping the scene on the Jet Plane with MJ Medina, he was stopped by airport security and asked if he was a terrorist shooting video for Osama Bin Laden! He was nearly arrested until they learned he was making a music video for Smart Trax!)

HE TOOK A GUN TO SCHOOL TODAY, Anti-violence, HipHop, Briane Hearn & Smart Trax Team

Unfortunately, often we learn of the horrors of a mentally ill incidence where someone takes guns into schools. This song alters the chorus form "He" to "She". It is performed by Brian Hearn the star the famous national TV show, "All That" on Nickelodeon. He is joined by several of the artists from the Smart Trax Team.

EVERYTHING'S A BLUR, Drunk Driving, Rock, MJ Medina, co-produced by Billy Atwell

This is a ficticious story about a 16 year old guy who immediately after chugging a 6 pack of beer, grabbed the keys to his parents "SUV" and went out on a "cruse". Suddenly "Everything's A Blur", he becomes unconscious and hits another car head on at a high speed. The other car has 2 teenage couples driving to a prom. They are killed on impact. His car bounces off to a tree. He survives. He "wakes up in an ugly jail cell" where he remains for life, because "Everthing's A Blur"! (In the bridge of the song, the singer questions… "What if he was a PILOT?" An agent from Mother's Against Drunk Driving viewed the music video in 2003 and said that if MADD had a category for music videos, this video would win first place! The president of "" suggested the slogan "Our Music & Videos Speak LOUDER Than Words!™ after she saw this video, and has endorsed it for their company as well. The co-producer, Billy Atwell is a very successful musician, composer and producer in the NYC studio scene.


A PACK OF LIES! Smoking, HipHop, MJ Medina

One day, Prof. Musial noticed a billboard on turnpike in the NYC area "A Pack Of Lies" which was related to a pack of cigarettes. He was traveling to the Jersey shore for beach time where he noticed may kids smoking… thinking it was fashionable and cool. While sitting on the beach, he typed the words of this song into his cel phone, and now it has been performed for as many as 12,000 kids at educational concerts in arenas. Dr. Marchione in New Jersey, a lung specialist, uses this song to support visuals in public speaking sessions at medical conventions. The video documents the thousands of kids who have experienced this presentation in concert. "It can kill you… A Pack Of Lies".


FOOD SENSE, Nutrition, Pop, Bridgette Valentine, La Shawn Small, Jim Rebholtz, co-writer

Food Sense is comical song about the common sense of healthy nutrition. It shows the guy with a ridiculous stack of greasy French fries, wings and a double stack of double hamburgers, "munching out" while on a date with a beautiful young lady who is enjoying a healthy salad. Through the course of the video she encourages him to pass on his meal and they share hers. (The original version of this song enabled Prof. Musial to earn a 100% sponsorship to the Juilliard School of Music.) Jim Rebholtz is a professional healthy chef for ABC TV.

DON'T GO AWAY, Teen Suicide, Pop Ballad, Francesca Mazza, Jeremiah Seth Bartlett

This song deals with the sensitive topic of teen suicide. If the students is considering this because he/she does not have any friends, "let me be your lyrical friend & wait another day, Don't Go Away". This song is featured on a "" album for 1-800-SUICIDE. (Major pop groups like "Journey" are also on this album. The music video was staged in front of a high school.

REED WRIGHT, Pop, Samuel Picazza

Yes, the song title IS misspelled! This is a playful song of encouragement related to reading & writing skills. Some of it was staged in front of the main library in New York City.


STREETS KEEP CALLIN', Anti-Violence/Peer Pressure, HipHop, Francesca Mazza, Jeremiah Seth Bartlett, Delino Johnson and the Smart Trax Team.

"The Streets Keep Callin'… you're gonna get caught, can't get away!' This song deals with peer pressure and states to the listener/viewer that if you choose to join a gang, you will get caught! Unfortunately one of the performers was attacked in real life by a gang and was put into a hospital. Prof. Musial was attacked by a gang when he was 11 & 13 years in age, they threatened to kill him with knives and switchblades because they were jealouse that he was playing a pipe organ at a church and was paid as a professional musician since he was 10 years in age! They were caught! Musial was stopped by homeland security police while shooting this video (the scenes with Francesca under a dark bridge, on a public street, near the Holland Tunnel.) He was asked if he was a terrorist! Imagine that? He got away once they learned it was an anti-terror video for Smart Trax.


U B U, Peer Pressure, HipHop, MJ Medina & Danilo Sobers Ignatio, co-composed by MJ Medina, Luis Media (father) and Biddy Q Valdez. (co-producer as well). Video by Danilo Sobers Ignatio & Prof. Musial

Peer pressure… we all went through it, and may still deal with it, (hope not.) This team including a variety of peer dancers, puts it right to the point… "Let You Be You". Very craftfully Manny, Joy and Danilo speak to the kids and they simply relate to the track. This was one of the most requested music videos on a NYC based music video station fro two years with over 100 plays. Go MJ, go Smart Trax.


MARCH, Anti-Drug, HipHop, Kevin Orsino. Composed by Kevin Orsino

March is a powerful HipHop anthem which won first place for "A Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey". The song was a smash hit at the natinal convention for the Young Marines when performed live in Reno, Nevada. While shooting the music video scenes in Harlem, the artist and Prof. Musial were hassled by a few residents, but when they learned about the topic, they "backed down' and said it was "cool"!


LET's JUST HANG, Peer Pressure-Abstinance, HipHop, MJ Medina, Words by MJ Medina

Growing up in show business, it was very common for the Medina's to get all kinds of offers for dates... to the point where it was simply agrivating at times. Manny once said "Let's Just Hang" which "gave birth" this powerful song. Their mom, GG, shot some of the initial video footage (on the swings with cart wheels in a playground.)


I HAVE A REAL DREAM, Pop Ballad, Smart Trax Team, melody by Steve Clark, Lyrics by David Musial

This song is in memory of the great legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Prague Symphony Orchestra and a studio band played the music. It was scheduled to be the theme for a charity fund raising concert for 10,000 people at the Verizon Wireless Arena in New Hampshire in 2008 with many superstar vocalists to join the team. It has been re0scheduled for 2012. The song is airing on CBC Radio in Canada.


SKATE DANCE™, Safe Recreation, Dance/HipHop, MJ Medina and the Smart Trax/Skate Dance Team.

In 1993, Prof. Musial visited the Orchard Park roller rink, near Buffalo, New York and the Bills football stadium. He spent much of his social time in high school years at this amazing place. He created the concept "Skate Dance™ Records" because of his memories. Skate Dance is music about skating, and artists from Smart Trax often also give performances in rinks as well. The song "Skate Dance" was created in 1995 and is the theme to the company and to a cartoon series plot. The dance he created can be safely done while skating and is also often used to end a Smart Trax show, because you can do it just as well without skates. You will see thousands of children doing the "Skate Dance" in this video which encourages kids to "hang out" in safe, supervised environments like ice & roller skating rinks!


HEY, YOU DROPPED SOMETHING! Pollution/Smoking, HipHop, 'Lil Ben Baker

Prof. Musial has always been irritated by people who think nothing about polluting the streets by simply dropping cigarette butts. He often points it out and the offenders are usually clueless. One irate man in Chicago chased him through the streets near the Sears tower, while shooting the music video for the song. Musial out ran the irate man! This comical video performed by 'Lil Ben Baker and the Smart Trax team drives home the point about selfish double pollution created by some smokers. The video was shot in NYC, Nashville, Chicago and Las Vegas.

REALITY CHECK, Smoking, MJ Medina

The New York City department of health offers a large budget educational program for high school students related to advertising for cigarette smoking, aimed at this age group. The name of the program is "Reality Check". MJ Medina participated in some of their sessions and Prof. Musial crafted this song to support their mission. "Get A Reality Check!"

YOU NEVER KNOW, Divorce, R&B Ballad, Bridgette Valentine & La Shawn Small,

Very often a child is raised in a loving family and then the parents separate or divorce. They love each parent but they can no longer live together. This is obviously a difficult & challenging situation for millions of young people. This song deals with the topic in a compassionate, comforting fashion. La Shawn won first place two times at the famous "Apollo" theatre in Harlem, NYC.

VIDEO KING, Balance, HipHop, MJ Medina

This is a true story about a very musically and theatrically gifted 11 year old boy who Prof. Musial managed and produced for a short time. He was a musical genius and was the "king' of video games in his city of "Hoboken" (by NYC.) He was given a digital piano to start practicing the free lessons Prof. Musial gave him. He would play for many hours a day. Unfortunately, one day his father came home from work early. The boy already practiced for a few hours according to his mom, and just started to play a video game by himself. (Nobody would play against him anymore for a challenge because he was so brilliant, he ALWAYS won… he was the "Video King"!). His father caught him and became extremely angry. He pulled out the plug for the electric piano, and said "get out, I'm done, that's bad!" For his punishment, he was to be sent in two days to Puerto Rico to live "forever" with an aunt he had never even met! In two days the boy was to begin rehearsals for a Christmas musical in which he was the star character! Musial had already composed and produced several songs for this prodigy. At the mother's request, Prof. Musial went to the home only to see the boy hugging his dad in his lap, crying his eyes out. The father verified his threat, disappointed in his over reaction of the parent, Musial left for a concert by one of his professors from Juilliard, at Carnegie Hall. He took down this story into his journal. Upon approaching the ticket counter, an idea stroke: craft the journal notes into a song lyric, make an aggressive sound track, bring the boy into the studio and record the song ASAP. The mom came over the next day with him and what was born was the "Video King". Prof. Musial played the song for the father that evening, he broke into tears of joy, and he cancelled the threat. The boy returned to the piano and now this song states… "I almost lost it all, lost it all, it almost slipped away, my family and my friends, because I "O'D'ed" on Video Games… I had to be the neighborhood VIDEO KING!" Prof. Musial also created the 3D video animation for the music video to help tell the story. One of the best live performances was at the Statue of Liberty Science Center.


SPREAD PEACE ALL OVER THE WORLD, Peace, Pop Ballad, Smart Trax Team.

This song was composed by a team from England named Linda Pepper, Anton Mullan and Colin Stone. It was used by the United Nations for the 50th anniversary during the grand fireworks celebration. This version includes all of the multi-cultural performers from the Smart Trax Team and begins with a beautiful performance by Ms. Ashley Avis, Miss Teen Model of the Universe.


...more descriptions on the way

Kids like the beat, parents and teachers love the message.

Our Music & Videos Speak Louder Than Words!™

Smart Trax®

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