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"Manny & Joy will knock your socks off" , Jean Hill, ABC TV

MJ's performance for 16,000 middle school children at the the Red Ribbon Rally, proved that their message was clear, effective and extremely contemporary, because the massive crowd immediately began to proclaim Awe, Are, Drug, Free! with MJ, indirectly realizing the power of the message from "peer to peer". Bonnie Swanson, Director, Buffalo, NY

"On behalf of the LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER (across from the Statue of Liberty), I am extending our sincerest thanks for performances well done by MJ Medina, April 6th & April 7th (2002) for the United Nations Global Health Fair. The reception and feedback since the performances have all been excellent. The positive messages of health, self-awareness and anti-violence that MJ Medina sent through their songs fit perfectly with the goals of that weekend. I must also note that the values of inspiring excitement and awe are ones that Liberty Science Center shares with MJ Medina. Congratulations on a successful run, that left an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION on Liberty Science Center! Maura B. Thompson, Science & Arts Coordinator, LSC.

"I knew right away that they were a hit when I saw MJ in Atlantic City! MJ's performance was incredible, motivating & exciting!", D.A.R.E. Officer Joe Drossel, Sparta, NJ.

"Amazing, please come back next year", Detective Jerry Hamlin, Director: SMART-T Jam against drugs, violence and alcohol abuse. 11,000 kids.

"MJ were on of the best groups I have ever seen, they are unbelievable, fantastic, their songs are pro-children!", D.A.R.E. Officer Joe

"MJ are HEROES in their own time because of the words & messages in their music",,, Scott Collins, President, "Legends & Heroes", clothing company.

"MJ were absolutely fabulous, the crowd was really into it", Director, Kid Skate 2000,a drug rehabilitation event.

"Pop with a Point, the Latin 'Donnie & Marie''--only hip!... you immediately sense that brother & sister compliment each other. Manny looks like the romantic hero... Joy seems the romantic heroine". Beth Kissinger, The Jersey Journal.

"MJ are the pride of the Latino musical youth community, I love you!", Melinda Esquibel, FOX Family TV.

"MJ are very big with young teens with an important message and are at one with them ", Scott Levin, Victoria Hong, NBC TV.

"MJ are very big with young teens with an important message and are at one with them ", Scott Levin, Victoria Hong, NBC TV.

"Incredibly fun, well prepared, a sensation", Drew Kahn & Linda Pelagrino, AM Buffalo, ABC TV

"A Singing & Dancing Sensation" Giovanny Blanco, L.A. TV Live Hollywood

"Music Marvels, a dynamic team" , UPN9 News, NYC "MJ talk to people in their own language", Tom Fitzgerald, Jersey's Talking TV Show

"Outstanding Work, your having a dream come true like 'Springstein' or 'Ricky Martin'", Rob Lucas, DJ, STAR 102.5 FM

"I never had such professionalism, MJ never missed a beat (when a mic failed), I can work with these 'cats' forever", Todd Wilson, Professional Live Sound Engineer at a D.A.R.E. event.

"They were the bomb", D.A.R.E student "Schenee" in Asbury Park, NJ.

"MJ are beautiful young Latino talent, great job!" Santiago Douglas, Star of the movie "Girl Fight" , FOX TV Latin Image Award winner & actor on the "Sopranos" (who also sings a duet with MJ")

"They were awesome, I loved it", Brian Zubricky, D.A.R.E. Student & break dancer, West Seneca, NY

"I liked all of MJ songs", Jessica & Jacquie Devlin, D.A.R.E. Students, Depew, NY.

"Brother & Sister riding musical talent to stardom", Sally Deering, The Jersey Journal

"Manny & Joy are wonderful performers, they are beautiful people inside and out, they are sincere!", Music Teacher, Sweet Home Middle School, Williamsville, NY.

"MJ will soon be the best young band in America, you all watch!" (email from "Froggy" after the SMART-T Jam.)

"One day this will be the premiere rap, if you can please here, you can please anywhere", D.A.R.E. Officer Bruce Norman, Asbury Park, NJ

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