Michelle Moog-Koussa
at the
Audio Engineering Society Convention 2007, NYC

Photos by David Musial, Director of Academic Membership and Development
The Bob Moog Foundation

with Music Industry Professionals
and the first Student Members

October 6 & 7, 2007

Moogfest 2007 NYC NAMM Headquarters 2009 AES 2009

Michelle with Stevens Institute of Technology-Castle Point™ Records students and David Musial

Michelle and Phil Ramone

Michelle & Frank Serafine

Michelle & Les Paul

Suzanne Ciani, Ken Bachor, Les Paul & Joanne O'Rourke

Michelle at the MIX Magazine TEC Awards after the Moog "Little Phaty" won first place!

Lorenz Rychner, Editor of "Recording" Magazine with Michelle

Michelle, Tony Bon Jovi & David Musial

Stefen Gehring & Michelle

Andew informing Brady about the Bob Moog Foundation

Andrew, Ben and Syed with their new Bob Moog Foundation Shirts, moments after inaugurating the Student Chapter

Patrick, Michelle, Andrew, Syed and more at the Student Chapter 01

Michelle with the CEO/President of Arturia... Moog Plug-ins

Nile Rodgers and Michelle

Michell & Frank Serafine at SkyRoom Studios the day after the award with a vintage Mini & Polymoog!

Michelle & David Celebrating!

The Mix Tec Award for the Moog Synthesizer "Little Phatty" 2007 at SkyRoom Studios

Michelle & Frank Serafine at SkyRoom Studios with the MIX Tec Award 2007

Nile Rodgers & Michelle

Stevens Castle Point Records studnets... the new Moog Foundation students, with
Michelle, Dave Moulton, the Recording Engineering teacher and mentor for
David Musial.... and many, many more.

The Stevens Multi-Media, LLC/Castle Point™ Records table
at the 2007 MIX Magazine TEC Awards, 2007
Marriott Marquis Grand Ballroom
Times Square, NYC

Ben Clifford (Vice President, Castle Point™ Records Fall 2007), Steve Puig. (President #2 of Castle Point Records),
Joanne O'Rourke, (President, Castle Point Records Fall 2007), David Weiss, N.E. Editor of MIX Magazine,
Prof. Rob Harari, (Producer, cheif engineer for Castle Point Records),
Dr. Helena Wisniewski, (Executive Diretor of Stevens Multi-Media/Castle Point Records),
Carlos Alomar, (Producer for Castle Point Records),
Michelle Moog-Koussa, Frank Serafine, Ken Bachor (Publicist, President #3 of Castle Point Records),
Prof. David Musial, creator & Executive Producer of Stevens Multi-Media, & Castle Point Records.

Joanne (Joey), Helena & Michelle

Steve, Ken, Frank, Franl Filipetti

Frank Serafine, Michelle, Dominic Sack, Dave Musial

Jack Joeseph Puig, Michelle, Stevens-Bob Moog Foundation student members

Michelle being interviewed by Ken Bachor moments after the MIX Tech Award

Larry Fast and wife, Michelle & David

Larry Fast & Michelle

Les Paul & Michelle

MIX Magazine reporter creating a pod cast with Michelle

Michelle & Phil Ramone

Tim Finnagan & Michelle


Brady Cudmore (first student member of the Bob Moog Foundation for CANADA) and Michelle Moog-Koussa

© 10/2007 David Musial