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Bob Moog & David Musial 1982
Bob Moog & David Musial 2004

Professor David Musial met Michelle Moog-Koussa in 2007 at a “Moogfest" in NYC.

Dr. Robert (Bob) A. Moog, who Musial had met on many occasions, was David's Music Technology Mentor.

In 2004 at an Audio Engineering Convention, Prof. Musial invited Bob Moog to be the first guest speaker at the brand new Music Technology Program he was designing at the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr. Moog Accepted Prof. Musial's invitation! What an amazing honor! Unfortunately Dr. Moog took terminally ill shortly thereafter. His daughter Michelle launched the "Bob Moog Foundation" and announced that she needed “assistance” at the Moogfest. David gave her a tour of his SkyRoom Studio (www.SkyRoomStudios.com), which was massively influenced by her father, and also of the Stevens Institute campus. Prof. Musial suggested that she launch a “Student Division” and she accepted his idea and offer Prof. Musial a volunteer position, which he honorably accepted as “Director of Academic Membership and Development”.

Professor Musial proceeded to launch this venture immediately at the 2007 Audio Engineering Convention in NYC. David interviewed on video a multitude of celebrities like the most famous music producer in the world: Phil Ramone and Hollywood Sound Designer Frank Serafine, and asked them how Dr. Moog’s Inventions inspired their creations? Prof. Musial proceeded in securing research grants for 2 students to devote the summer of 2008 editing these videos for the Bob Moog Foundation’s YouTube Channel.

For two years Professor Musial attended other events like NAMM and even a private performance with his keyboard/synth mentor “Keith Emerson” at one special event. Professor Musial inspired the idea of creating the “Dr. Robert A. Moog Center For Electronic Music Composition ”. The Foundation accepted the idea for this research venture. Michelle invited David to have a tour of the Bob Moog private archives in Asheville, NC and he toured the Moog Company and a special show at the “Orange Peel” as well. Prof. Musial initiated discussions with John Storyk of the Walters Stork Acoustic Design Group and discussed this concept with many industry executives. Unfortunately the Institute did not move forward, so eventually Prof. Musial left the Institute for more optimistic ventures.

Launch of the Student Division
Exhibit Launch at the NAMM Museum of Making Music, 8/09
AES 2009

Michelle Moog-Director • Prof. Herb Deustch (first Moog Performer 1965) • David Musial
Thomas Dolby • David Musial

Thomas Dolby on the cover of Electronic Musician a few days later, just in time for AES.org NYC!

Prof. Trevor Pinch (author) • Prof. David Musial • Adam Holzman (Performer)

Daves MINI!

Herb Deutsch

Thomas Dolby
The Next Day at Stevens and SkyRoom Studios... very cool!

Dean James McClellan of the Stevns Institute College of Arts & Letters wih Michelle Moog-Koussa

Castle Point Records/Stevens Institute of Technology Students
Ben Clifford and Jeff Madonna with Michelle Moog-Koussa
The first two college students to join the Moog Foudation University Division
September 23, 2007, Hoboken, NewJersey. USA
Photo by David Musial

Dean James McClellan and Michelle Moog-Koussa at Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point on Hudson, hoboken, New Jersey
Photo by David Musial

Michelle Moog-Koussa holding pictures of her Father with David in his SkyRoom Studios

Let us ALL help the MOOG FOUNDATION.. send me ideas...
I am volunteering my time to help.
Sncerely, David
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Juilliard School of Music Electronic Music Recital at Lincoln Center, 1988

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