Presidents’ office at the White House because David had learned that Mrs.Clinton was looking for artistic statements of this genre. David received a letter from the White House which acknowledged his submission, and that’s where it ended. On September 4th, 2001, David decided to make a new version featuring MJ Medina and scheduled September, 11th to re-record it after school. David Musial was in his recording studio (across the river from the World Trade Center.)

The day after.
On September 11, 2001...
David Musial was in his recording studio located on the roof of a hi-rise, across the river from the World Trade Center. He was talking on the phone to his father, while re-loading an “anti-terrorism” statement song that he wrote in 1993 about the first World Trade Center bombing. In 1993, David was on his way in the PATH subway to teach a class at NYU when the explosion occurred. He was almost in it and had friends who were in it. Later that evening when he came back to the studio, the lights in lower Manhattan were out.
Very eerie. Since the bomb made the “Earthquake”, he titled the song “Earthquake” as a reflection, and put it on the shelf for a few years. In 1995 he recorded it and sent it to the

(All photos on this site by David Musial)
After the initial shock had slightly dissipated, the words and melody of this song evolved. For weeks he smelled the horrible remains daily and now soldiers with machine guns guard the streets where he lives. In mid February, 2002, David learned of the "Two Hearts" project that was established to help family members and friends of the victims to re-build their lives in the NJ area. Manny & Joy Medina MJ offered to help out by singing the song since they too had seen the the aftermath. Many other One World Artists and friends offered to help out. Aaron Sherwood who played the Sax actually had worked on the 105th floor and lost 60 people to that irrational modern day caveman. We hope that through this song, we can help make a difference, and help make the world a little more compassionate,after all... music is the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE!
It would then be submitted to an anti-violence education program for review. David heard the first plane crash, walked out on the studio balcony and quickly deduced that terrorism had struck again.
David at Skyroom Studios in shock with the rest of the good world experiencing the horror as it occured.
David, Manny & Joy in Hoboken a few days later collecting video to be used now in this video.
David wearing a shirt that was available in NYC in front of a fire station, a few days later, that inspired some of the chorus to the song: "THE EVIL WILL BE PUNISHED"
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